Any web project requires an impressive design that attracts the audience online. You will utilise all your resources to launch it successfully and for that, design is an essential element. Before starting a project, you have to make a crucial decision about whether to hire a freelancer or a web agency. Taking the right decision holds a lot of significance because the success of your project depends on it.

It is not an easy decision to make and you should consider all the aspects before choosing one of them. Both freelancers and companies are talented enough to provide a quality product, but there are some factors which must be evaluated. They will help you in reaching the best solution that fulfils your needs and suits your vision.

Here, we will list down some essential approaches that you can consider while choosing a freelancer or a web design agency.

Skills Required

First of all, you must contemplate what skills are required for your project. As mentioned before, both freelancer and web agency are skilled. But there is a possibility that a freelancer is experienced in limited domains. However, a professional agency will have an extensive skill set in different areas. They will have a whole team of skilled web designers and developers.

Project Supervision

In order to complete your project on time effectively, you need organisation, coordination, smart planning and problem-solving skills. If you have hired a freelancer, then you will have to supervise your project on your own. You will be responsible for making sure that the project is moving in the right direction with accurate speed. On the contrary to this, a web agency will supervise everything for you and in turn will give you a complete product.


A web design agency is reliable and responsible for delivering your work on time. They have a complete team of web designers who are committed to finish your project timely. You can always rely on them.

However, in the case of freelancers, you must be ready to handle all the unforeseen events. You might get stuck because of an emergency at your freelancer’s end. There is a chance that he might abandon you in the middle of your project.

Testing Resources

A project is fully complete and ready to use if it is tested on various devices. You must consider the fact that your employed resource has all the tools and facilities to check your project. Generally, a freelancer has a limited number of operating devices for testing purposes. So, you will have to do it on your own. On the other hand, professional agencies are equipped with several operating systems for all sorts of testing.


A professional agency might cost you more than a freelancer, but quality and perfection have a price which needs to be paid. With limited resources, a freelancer might be able to finish your project, but it can have some errors. Moreover, you will have to invest your time as well in supervising the whole process and checking it. Professional digital agencies will cost a few pounds more, but the end product will be flawless and thoroughly tested on all devices.

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So, what are you going to choose for your web project? A freelancer or a web agency? Do let us know in your comments.

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