It’s proven that Millionaires are investing more than ever on weddings. Among the several plans that go into creating the best moments, a wedding booth is undoubtedly the “numero uno” adding to the hype of the event. Considering that wedding ceremonies can’t run plain and mundane, planners seem to have the best strategies up their sleeves to get the event going on a joyous note. Alongside adding to the fun quotient and colour to a wedding, a photo-booth is possibly the best way to give away unforgettable souvenirs to guests. Indeed they make the environment more colourful and vigorous with vibrant accents, colourful flowers and oodles of laughter.

Some colourful photo-booths trending in the current year and expected to make news in upcoming years are as follows:

A Bright Paradise

Colours have been agelessly known for bringing upon the most gorgeous impacts on environs. Here is a great way to say it all with colours. The bright and colourful paradise photo-booth will showcase phenomenal shades and accents with funky and fancy elements all the way of grabbing eyeballs.

Rickshaw With Puppets

Cool! Now, this is yet another colourful wedding photobooth Hire in Melbourne which has a huge fan-base for its simple yet cheerful accents. Involving a rickshaw painted fancily and decked up with flowers, the photobooth also includes special “Rajasthani” puppets and tassels in beautiful colours surrounding the rickshaw. Some of them may be tied with branches of nearby trees.

Marigold Garlands

There are several flowers that find a place in a photobooth, but nothing seems as vibrant and beautiful than marigold. Used, as traditional wedding decor elements, marigold garlands covering up simple elements like a rickshaw can easily make the backdrop look stunning. Professionals will focus on colour coordination of the flowers. Mostly you will find the garlands in yellow gold and white to do the magic. To add to the effect, decor experts may include colourful Rajasthani umbrellas.

Rustic Frames

Another vintage yet stunning concept to work as the main theme for photobooth hire in Melbourne, the rustic frames, are great to go along with a trending photobooth.  Family members and friends will find it really exciting to randomly get clicked in quirky poses with frames hanging from trees.

The Vivid Backdrop

By now you may have guessed it already. Yes! The backdrop uses plenty of vivid coloured tassels and vibrant paper rosettes which are used to create brilliant backdrop for the photobooth. This impressive minimal idea is certainly ideal for a wedding that demands no fuss.

Creative Frame Hangings

Leave aside the vintage essence; come to the new age world of designs. The artistically created frame hangings in different vivid hues look mesmerising for a wedding party backdrop. Also, they can be accentuated with flowers and gorgeous pillar-like structures.

The World of Origami

Coming to colours, origami goes best with colourful papers. Although such works of art were restricted to your childhood, they can be brought back to life during a wedding. Get attractive backdrops for your wedding photobooth with handcrafted pom-poms or rosettes in beautiful colours.

If you are planning to have a photobooth at your wedding, work on these colourful ideas.

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