At times, the heavens open up at wrong times. It not only plays spoilsport during the Big Bash matches at the Gabba, but it also  put your plans up in smoke. And that includes plans to move your office as well! And when that happens, you have your job cut out as you cannot afford to postpone the move. 

Fret not! The professionals you have hired will take appropriate measures to make sure the rain does not affect the move. 



So what’s the way out? Let us discuss the best method to make sure everything goes as scheduled though it is pouring! 

Getting Ready...Appropriately 

Geting rid of the mud or dirt at the entry to the office is the first thing that you need to do. Hose all these unwanted stuff off, so that men can get to and from the move truck having to encounter nothing but rainwater. 

Presence of mud will only make the office dirty. Remember, you need to hand over the property to its owner. Why spend more for end of lease cleaning after the move by making the carpet unnecessarily dirty and messy? 

The Role Of Professionals

Here the acumen and the experience of the pros offering cheap office removals in Gold Coast will come in handy. They will park the vehicle as close to the main gate as possible. It makes sure that they do not have to cover great distances while carrying stuff in the rain. 

Besides ensuring quicker results, it will also save the containers from getting wet. But then, a thorough waterproof wrapping will play a pivotal role, though we will discuss it later on.  

They Dress In A Proper Way

The pros will do all the hard work during the move. They will be in suitable attire with non-slip footwear that has the appropriate grip on the tricky wet surfaces. They put on light wet jackets that keep them dry and at ease while handling the stuff. 

Well, while all these are the responsibility of the pros, you have your task in hand. Keep dry rags handy to dry up the floor and clean it up after each move. If you have carpeted floor quick vacuuming will come in handy. 

Dealing With Your Assets

Let us now deal with the most critical chapter of office relocations in Gold Coast - dealing with the assets. It might very well sound obvious, but rain and the cardboard boxes, soft furnishing and the fabrics are never good companions. With all the fluster and the huff ‘n puff of the move, you need to be worried about damaged office assets. 

Indeed, when it comes to moving office during rain, you need to be extremely cautious about this issue. Plastic will be your friend in need and hence, your friend indeed in this scenario. The pros will opt for specially designed boxes and will have then wrapped up with plastics thoroughly to prevent the entry of water. 

When it comes to protecting the colossal office furniture, mattress bags will do the job, along with drop sheets and blankets. The same goes for electronic devices. Bubble wraps work the best in these cases. Then there are those blanket bags that will add some extra protection to these gadgets from the water and moisture when there is water all around! 

That completes the first part of the story. Now it is all up to the unloading things where they are at the new destination. However, that is the other part of the story. 

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a company that offers cheap office removals and relocation in Gold Coast. The author is also an avid blogger.