Before you decide to buy Gluco Care Medicine Online Bangalore it is important to know a few things about the disease. What is diabetes? In case of normal people food gets broken down to glucose. This happens because of insulin, which helps your body utilize the glucose present in the blood in your body. Insulin is a chemical that is secreted by pancreas. It helps create the right amount of energy that in turns helps your body maintain a decent level of health. Diabetes is a condition where the concentration of glucose in your body increases. This happens because your body is unable to secrete enough insulin or it develops resistance to the insulin being produced already.

What are the different types of diabetes?

There are two main types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. In type 1 diabetes the pancreatic cells that are supposed to secrete insulin either get damaged or do not function properly. This kind of diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes, which means that it is found primarily in young people as well as children. In type 2 diabetes the pancreatic cells are able to make some insulin. However, the body somehow ends up stopping it from performing its function properly.

This kind of diabetes is normally found in case of elderly people as well as obese. However, these days, young people and children are getting this disease as well. Pregnant women too can suffer from this disease. It needs to be treated the right way so that the mother, as well as the child, does not develop any health issues as such.

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

There are certain traits of diabetes. You feel exhausted at all times and there is a constant sense of thirst as well. This is also known as polydipsia. You also tend to urinate a lot and your eyesight gets blurred as well. You also feel hungry at all times. At times, you may lose weight all of a sudden. Your wounds also do not heal quickly. Your feet and hands also feel numb at times.

Why does diabetes happen?

There is no proper knowledge regarding the definite causes of diabetes. It could be genetic as well. In these cases it is assumed that your body lacks that gene that is able to provide protection at the time this disease strikes. It has normally been seen that people who suffer from diabetes are obese individuals who live sedentary lives. They also have a high amount of triglycerides in their blood. They may suffer from hypertension as well. At times, such people may also have a family history of suffering from diabetes. 

Is it a warning signal?

The condition of the health of a diabetic patient is such that it is on the verge of worsening and that too at a rapid pace. However, if you take proper care of it at all stages and care for yourself as long as you live you can be sure you would be able to enjoy a decent standard of life.

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