Will your spouse's unfaithfulness put an end to the marriage? At this point only you can answer that question.

The reason that it is up to you to make the final decision is due to the fact your spouse has given every indication that they want to remain in the relationship. They've done wrong and know it. They promise to do whatever is necessary to restore the marriage.

Regardless of whether you remain with them or not is your call but even with that decision in the balance there are a few things to bear in mind.

1. Do Not Be Afraid

Thinking about the future can be unnerving. Especially if you have been in a marital relationship for quite a while and then decide to go it alone.

Do not let fear influence whether you should stay or go. Being married for any amount of time should not mean one person becomes completely dependent on the other spouse. If you want to end the marriage then do it.

Better to learn self-sufficiency than to be stuck in a relationship where you feel like you can never trust your spouse again.

2. Don't Retreat

In the event you do decide to hang in there then set some parameters in regards to how things are going to be from now on and stick to them. Your spouse may get angry over these parameters and attempt to do away with them.

It is up to them to make dramatic lifestyle changes in order to prove you can trust them again.

At times there effort is going to be lacking. There could also be instances when they try to manipulate you and thereby taking control or the relationship. No matter what they try it is critical that you do not back down.

3. Be Practical

Getting over your spouse's infidelity is not going to happen overnight so don't let impatience get the better of you. Of course you want the negative images and depressing thoughts to go away.

That goes also for the fear of wondering what your spouse is up to every time they are out of your sight. They will eventually but right now you must accept the fact that the road ahead is long and difficult.

4. Be Encouraging

When you see your mate making a genuine and sustained effort in rebuilding the marriage and earn your trust back then by all means cheer them on. Try to rekindle the romance by doing things like having date nights.

From time to time let them know through words and actions just how much you still love them. Standing over them like some prison guard as they go through the process of rehabilitating is not going to give them a whole lot of motivation to keep at it.

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