The prostate is an essential part of men. Its healthy operation is related to the stability of men's bodies. In recent years, more and more men began to suffer from prostatitis. Some older men will have prostatitis in the past, but now many young people are also easy to appear, 30-40-year-old men are about to become the main prostatitis force.

With the development of society, our work gradually moved from indoor to indoor. From sweating under the sun before sitting in front of the desk blowing air conditioning, our exercise is also less and less. Unconsciously, sedentary habits gradually lead to physical diseases, and prostatitis is one of the most common.

Many men think that prostatitis is far away from them until the emergence of frequent urination, urgency, pain in urine, perineal pain, and discomfort symptoms. When they are going to the hospital for examination, and finally diagnosed with prostatitis. In this case, the only way to recover slowly is through medication.

For prostate treatment, drugs are the first option. Patients generally can take anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, with the antibacterial effects. But for stubborn and recurrent prostatitis, patients can be treated by herbal medicine, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, to achieve the purpose of cure.

If we can prevent prostatitis correctly from the beginning, we can make this disease thousands of miles away from us as long as a little exercise every day. A few simple and convenient exercises can exercise anytime and anywhere to make you away from prostatitis.

In the office, our space is often limited. Since we can't run happily, we can do a group of squats (about 20 squats) in place after meals, which is also a useful exercise to prevent prostatitis. The squat is originally used to exercise the thigh muscles of a movement. Still, because the prostate is located between the hips, which is not too far away thigh, so it is also beneficial for relieving prostatitis symptoms.

Similarly, compared to running a few laps on the playground, the equipment needed for a squat on the wall is just a wall - the essential element in the office. Compared with squatting, squatting on the wall has less exercise. We need to find a wall to stick to the wall and then keep squatting. But don't underestimate the squat exercise, it is a very good test of your endurance and the prostate has a good exercise effect.

In fact, for prostatitis, the biggest problem is a sedentary way. If you can run for a little while, the effect is excellent. Because there is no space in the office, running is not very convenient. If you have the conditions, you may as well climb several floors in the stairwell for exercise without taking the elevator in the leisure time at noon - if the stair floor can be repeated several times. Compared with running on the flat ground, the span between the stairs' legs is more extensive and the effect is better.

Of course, the exercise that can be done in the office is very limited. If you have prostatitis, it is better to choose a swimming exercise. In the swimming process, the muscles of the whole body can get good exercise. If you want to focus on the prevention of prostatitis, the best use of breaststroke because the leg action of breaststroke has leg clamping elements, which can exercise the inner thigh muscles well and take care of the sensitive prostate position.

The above exercises have an excellent preventive effect on prostatitis. Of course, the most critical reason for prostatitis is a sedentary way. So, if a man usually sits in the office for a long time, he might as well get up and walk occasionally, drink water, and take a walk, so that the disease can disappear in good daily habits.

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