Shopping malls, metro stations, business centers or for that matter any important nook of the city – CCTV cameras are a reality today. Notably, a perfectly functional CCTV camera does have the power to not only play an integral part in solving crimes but averting crimes as well. Today, it is touted as one of the most effective technologies to have pervaded the global space. The increased use of these cameras – however – has not really done away with the misconceptions surrounding it.

Today, if you are in the process of reaching out to the best cctv camera dealer in delhi make sure you are only getting ahead with the process after getting rid of these myths. Hope you are in a position to make an informed decision.

Myth #1: Bigger Cameras offer Better Services

Actually quite the opposite it is! Let us tell you that bigger security cameras actually end up becoming more of a hindrance instead of a benefit. Smaller security cams are a wiser idea quite simply because of the fact that they can be concealed easily and as such they are more effective when it comes to catching mischief-makers red-handed. There is, of course, another major benefit of installing smaller units in your premises. Bigger cameras—since they are hard to conceal- are often exposed to the dangers of vandalization by wrongdoers. There is no such fear associated with the smaller counterparts.

Myth #2: CCTV cameras are expensive

When it comes to the safety of your family (that is if you are looking forward to investing in a home security system) or your clients, you should not really be close-fisted about the purchase of the product. Given its primary function (i.e. protecting premises against various types of wrongdoing including theft, robbery and break-in etc), a security camera might as well come with its hefty price tag to contend with.

However, let us tell you that security cameras are actually available in variant ranges not only in terms of functionality but price as well. The more you read about their functions, the better informed you will be about their functions and the variations (in terms of technologies and the performance, as a result). Conduct a thorough price-function comparison in a bid to be duly guided.

Myth #3: They are not “that” secured

Assuming that CCTV cameras can easily be accessed by non-authorized people is a major mistake on your part. Let us make it very clear that the security of the IP CCTV camera is actually linked to your Firewall. If you are using a proper Firewall then the camera can actually turn out to be quite responsive and efficient.

Getting in touch with the right Security System Dealer Delhi remains a wise choice quite simply because you get to acquaint yourself with many such nuances. Right from price to performance to the way security cameras – at large- function—there is no dearth of misconceptions about security cameras. The sooner buyers educate themselves about the same, the better it is. Considerable reading – will definitely be of help in this regard.

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