Gears in a car help to increase the speed of the car. If you are planning to learn how to drive a manual car in Noble Park, Burwood East or Monash, you will learn the intricacies of shifting the gears safely from time to time in the driving lessons. Nevertheless, we will describe some of the methods of changing the gears that are taught by the instructors in the driving schools.

  • Pressing the clutch

To change the gears of your car, the instructors providing the driving lessons in Burwood East always recommend that you press the clutch as this disconnects the power flow from the engine to the transmission. This is not only the correct and safe process but also makes gear changing effective. On the contrary, if you do not press the clutch, it will put extra pressure on the gearbox. Moreover, you might feel a jolt in the car if you are driving at a higher speed.

  • Skip gears to save fuel

This process is also called block changing. You don’t always need to change gears in a sequence and if needed you can skip a gear or two to increase your speed. This will help you to achieve better mileage and will help you to keep your clutch in the best shape.

  • Achieve good acceleration by lowering your gears

The instructors at our driving school in Noble Park recommend that if you wish to achieve a good acceleration of your car, you should lower the gears as this provides more power to the engine. Though you might not achieve the top speed, you can get past other cars quickly with better acceleration. 

At the same time, if you wish to slow down or stop your car fully, just taking off your foot from the accelerator will be enough.

  • Shift the gear depending on the traffic

You will need to change the gears depending on the road conditions. 

If the traffic is low, the instructors providing the driving lessons recommend that you do the block shift and drive the car faster as this will also help you to save fuel.

On the other hand, driving on the second and the third gear at max is the best option in a heavily congested area. 

When you are driving through a congested area, you will need to change the gears of your car quickly. For this, keep one hand on the gear stick as this will enable you to change the gear quickly. However, since this needs practice, our driving instructors recommend that you only do this if you are confident. In addition, to drive with one hand in traffic jams you need to practice this first in a less congested area.

  • Find the neutral position to safely change the gear

Instructors providing the driving lessons in Monash recommend that as a beginner if you are facing troubles in finding the correct gear, switch to the neutral gear first as this gear position is easier to find. The gear stick generally becomes a bit free when the car is in neutral gear. So, before shifting to the required gear switch it to neutral as this will help you to find and set the required gear properly.

Thus, you can shift the gears of your car easily by following these simple to follow methods. However, there are a few methods too which you will learn in detail from your driving instructor.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a driving school that provides driving lessons in Burwood East and Monash and provides private tutorials to many learners based in Noble Park.