(Q1) How often do you need to re-visualize your big goal? What about the law of allowing? Also tied to that question is do you focus on repeatedly visualizing the smaller steps that make up the big goal? eg. Visualize client appt book full as opposed to big goal of reaching 1 million people?

(A) With the law of attraction we only actually have to visualise what we want once. Source then creates what we want straight away in the nonphysical. Our only job is to then allow it which is the law of allowing and this is the most important part of creating what we want. We need to match the vibration of our goal, we don't need to worry about the details, Source will sort that out. Getting specific about your goals is fine if it feels good but if it doesn't go more general about your goal know that all is well and that everything happens at the right time. When going general feels good you can then start to get more specific as long as it keeps feeling good.

(Q2) I am is a positive person and visualise my goal being achieved and I don't feel like anything is happening, more like I am going backwards, why?

(A) Yes I think this is a very common question and belief that people have that they are generally positive which I'm sure is true. But what pinches off what we want from coming is the last thought "I don't feel like anything is happening more like I am going backwards"this is the thought that actually stops what we want from coming because while we were thinking this thought this is what our point of attraction is. So we need to start thinking even more positively and generally. Thoughts like all is well, I am in control of how I feel and I can choose to feel good right now, and things usually work out for me, and it doesn't have to happen in this very moment.

(Q3) How can we be more aware of the vibration/energy that we are being? And also it would be great to have explained how important this feeling/energy/vibration is and how this might relate to our thoughts and intentions.

(A) The best way we have to be aware of our vibration and our point of attraction is how we feel. Being aware of how we feel is the best way we have of knowing what our point of attraction is. It almost seems so simple that it can't be true but it is. How we feel is showing us what our thoughts and intentions are in this moment they are reflecting the thoughts that we are thinking this is why it is much easier to focus on how we feel than to try and focus on each individual thought we are thinking. If we are thinking a thought that agrees with Source then we feel good if we are not thinking a thought that agrees with Source them we feel bad. So focusing on how we feel and trying to find a better feeling thought is our only job to create everything that we want. Source always wants the best for us and is always loving, so feeling bad just means we're not agreeing with what source wants for us or what we want for ourselves. Feeling good means everything is aligned and all that we want will come to us if we can stay in this vibration.

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