Undoubtedly, SEO strategies are incomplete or worthless without keywords. Even after creating good quality backlinks, the traffic on the website will be null if the keywords are not right and targeted to your potential customers. The backlinks and other SEO strategies will just be a formality with no changes in Google analytics. But sometimes, the story is a bit different.

Even after extensive keyword research by SEO experts, the websites do not gain the rank. The result is not as expected!! You might also come across such an issue where your website would suffer severely and you would get nothing as a result of online promotion.

This problem arises due to the use of the wrong set of keywords. It usually happens when the tactics applied to research SEO keywords become out-of-date as per the updates of Google’s algorithms. To keep pace, the SEO experts need to practice SEO keyword research strategies.

Look for long-tail and generic keywords
As the name suggests, the long-tail keywords are set of three or more words and a bit easy to understand. On the other hand, the generic keywords are short consisting of a maximum of two words.

Both the keyword types have different roles to play in SEO. Short-tail keywords are more competitive as people usually use them; whereas, long-tail keywords are less competitive. But unfortunately, the long-tail keywords are less searched by Google.

To keep it right, you should keep a balance between both options.

Check the arrangements of words in the keywords
Selecting a competitive keyword is not enough, you should arrange or place the terms in it as per your customers’ perspective. You should research and get insight into what your consumers are looking for. Based on your results, you should tailor the keywords and content to target the customers.

According to SEO experts, you shouldn’t misplace your keywords. If you are unable to imagine what your users are typing, you should create a new set of keywords. Just make sure that keywords are around your customers’ interests.

Assess your keywords quantitatively
There are different and many keywords to search for the same products and services. And consumers often do this which confuses the mind at the time of keyword research. You will get the list of all these keywords using Keyword planner but working on all of them isn’t feasible.

You should narrow down the list by removing the keywords that have a low volume in comparison to others. You can do this by using a couple of tools available online. One important note: keep modifying the keywords a few times in a year.

Keyword research is not a one-time process; it should continue until the website is live. You should consider keyword research every couple of months and pick a new set of keywords.
Lastly, we know keywords research is a bit complicated process, especially if you are not SEO trained.

So instead of taking any risk, you should work with an SEO agency in Herts London that will perform keyword research and implement SEO strategies effectively and efficiently.

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