Wedding shopping is such a hectic thing but when the d-day comes near, the bride-to-be forgets everything and starts for the planning for the day. She does not have to worry about the decoration and other arrangements but still, she remains tensed, do you why? It is because she has to think about herself. She is worried because all the eyes in the function will be on her and if something goes wrong, she will be the laughing stock.

If you are also going to become a bride soon, then you can understand the situation.

In this planning, the primary focus of the brides lies on the wedding gown. They wish to get something trendy and will look the best on them. They want to be different. If you are also stuck at this point, then we have a great idea for you and that is to get custom made gowns. We know that with this option you have to plan a lot but without do trust us that the output will be great. You do not have to wear those old and similar designer gowns.

So, if you are ready to wear a custom made gown then just remember the following criteria:

 Plan the style of the gown
You should consider your age, theme and time of the wedding, your personality and attitude for styling your bridal gown. You might have an idea about the design and pattern but it will not be suitable if you do not pay these points. Once a design is planned, then considers these sections:

• Type of neckline you wish to give
• Your preference for the skirt/train
• Sleeves you prefer
• Add-ons like bows, sash belts, etc.

 Search for the dressmaker
Not every designer is comfortable in preparing custom made gowns so you should select the one who is specialized in this. People do design by themselves but we do not recommend because you do not have expertise. If choosing a dressmaker, then

• Ask for the samples of the past projects
• Enquire about experience
• Never forget to mention the wedding date
• Get an estimated amount

 Get a beautiful fabric
Many different types of fabric are available in the market but you should select the one that is comfortable and looks beautiful. You can use something shiny and glittery. Some commonly used fabrics are:

• Silk
• Polyester
• Lace
• Rayon
• Beaded fabric
• Lining and underlining

 Select the colour for your gown
The colour selection mostly depends on your complexion and your favourites. If you are rigid to wear a particular colour then there is nothing much to say otherwise you can decide the same based on different factors. If you wish to give brightness, you can go for light colours otherwise dark-coloured custom made gowns are fine.

 Consider the sewing techniques
We know it is the responsibility of the dressmaker but you should also have some idea about the same. You should advise the dressmaker on where to stitch the zip and how to place the shoulder pads. These factors make the dress comfortable to wear.

Last but not the least, get the right accessories to complement your Custom made gowns because it is incomplete without them.

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Shashank is a Content writer with over 3 years of experience in professional writing.