Africa is probably the biggest continents in the world, and has a huge geography, a extremely detailed lifestyle, and an inherited tradition that is boundless in its vitality, color, music, dance, food and several other Africa facts. Even though the african continent and its nations have problems with drought, starvation, hunger, epidemics, disease and a myriad of other issues, in its essence, it remains a beautiful country. On this planet, every country has a history full of facts that can pique the interest level of each and every person who are able to find one fact or another to interest them. Due to its large size, increasing population, a great number of cultures and an array of a vast geography, Africa facts are endless. One of the Africa facts, which correlate to its great size, is the amount of countries that look at form this continent. As of date, approximately 54 nations can proudly say that they are part of the african continent, with South Sudan as being a recent admittance, having been entered only last year.

There are two areas of Africa that are disputed by the African governments; Western Sahara and also Somaliland. The rest of the countries usually are not disputed and also have clearly marked borders. Another Africa fact is the number of languages which are fluently spoken in this continent. Over 900 languages are usually spoken in Africa however it is pertinent to notice that only around 10 of these languages can be viewed as the main ones spoken by over 10, 000 people. However the other languages are spoken by different regions and small pockets of individuals. Human beings first lived in the african continent, and as of date, this continent is home to over a billion people. Another indicator of Africa’s great size is the fact it comprises around 22% of Earth’s total land mass.

As far as wildlife can be involved, Africa facts show that this continent is home to more wildlife than any other continent in the world with all sorts of animals being found here, such as those ranging from Elephants, Giraffes, Zebras, Lions, Tigers, Hippos, Rhinos, Snakes as well as insects. The Sahara Desert could be the largest African desert and one of the largest in the world. The same may be said for their waterfall; Lake Victoria, which is regarded as being the largest in Africa and also the second largest in the world. Another interesting African fact is regarding the river Nile which is the greatest in Africa as well as the world, starting off from North Africa and flowing all the way to Egypt. The island of Madagascar is considered to be the greatest Island in Africa and the fourth greatest island in the world measuring around to become about 1000 miles long and 250 miles wide, with a movie based on it too.

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