Normally when you book your BARCELONA HOLIDAY RENTALS you are interested in its famous architecture, shopping and traditional Spanish atmosphere. But, you ask, what about the children? Not to worry as there is an array of activities for the younger set to enjoy which makes this city different from most tourist destinations.

If you would like to introduce your children to the underwater sea world pay a visit to the Aquarium in Port Vell. This Ocean aquarium only exists here in Spain and is home to some 11,000 sea creatures. What makes this interesting is the transparent tunnel which allows you to walk under the ocean while taking in all the marine life from the smallest to the largest marine creatures. There is also a mini aquarium that holds some of the smallest sea creatures that you can see up close and personal. This will give you some idea of how they have adapted to their environment. With all the plaques describing the animals on view the children will have an education they will not soon forget.

Barcelona’s central park is home to the city's zoo which has some interesting things for the children to do. With more than four thousand animals from four hundred species there is a lot to see and the best way to see all this is to take the miniature train around the area or you can hire an electric buggy. To make it even better for the kids there is an infant zoo along with pony rides. If you need a little refreshment there are several restaurants and bars where you can escape the summer sun. To finish off the day take a stroll among the beautifully landscaped gardens including all the monuments.

The best thing to do when you arrive in Barcelona is to visit the tourist information centre and pick up a guide book. This will make sure you don't miss anything you or your family may be interested in. to better get your bearings why not take the open air tour bus. By doing this you can hop on or off as you please, this allows you to see all the sights without wearing out your shoe leather.

If you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city when you arrive at your BARCELONA HOLIDAY RENTALS why not venture over to the beach. This will offer you a calming change to the busy city life where you can relax and do nothing. To reach the beach you can make the twenty minute walk or catch the metro directly to the beach. The beaches are never overly crowded and you can find a space to call your own while you soak up the sun or go for a dip in the beautiful Mediterranean. There is also an array of water sports on offer such as windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkelling, sailing or scuba diving. All this is available from all four beaches with tuition and equipment hire if required. If the sun gets to hot there are a number of beach bars or restaurants you can escape to for a little refreshment or a bite to eat. This is a tough way to relax but someone has to do it.

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