Color refers to the life, the emotion, the animation you express in speaking. Whether it is for the purposes of public speaking, a sales presentation or just in normal conversation, those who speak with color are more dynamic than those who do not. In fact, those who do not are called boring.

When it comes to public speaking, there is no doubt that one of the best ways to lose your audience’s attention is to:

1. stand perfectly still with nary a muscle moving,
2. speak in a monotone, and
3. stare at something on the back wall.

Nothing could be more tedious than a 20, 40, or 60-minute presentation delivered in such a manner, devoid of any expression.

While you may think that the vocal variety displayed in your voice is the most important aspect of your delivery, the truth is that your body language is just as vital. In fact, if your body language (as well as your face) is not expressing the same emotion as your voice, then the message you are sending to your audience is in conflict.

I recently read an article in which the writer said that you should either keep hands with your palms facing upward or leave your arms at your sides. I couldn’t disagree more. How do you use your arms when you are in conversation with friends or family? My advice is to use your hands and arms the same way you do when in conversation. In addition, if you are standing while talking, you probably shift your weight from one foot to the other. What you do not do is stand perfectly still, rigid to the core.

When on a stage, you have much more space to ‘play with.’ I suggest you walk – not pace – but move on the stage. Walk to one side as you are speaking, stop, and then a few seconds or even a minute later, move again. If you are going to stand in that spot for a full minute, however, do not just focus your attention on those in that one direction. Even though you may be on the right side of the stage, for example, do not ignore those on the left or in the center. In fact, just turning your body in another direction counts for movement or motion.

The many aspects of your vocal variety are important but don’t ignore what your body language is saying as well.

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