A double life. Just a few months ago I had an unusual case. A lady had been dating a man for nearly two years, he was often away on business but very romantic, passionate and amorous when he was near enough to meet up. He was generous, kind, thoughtful,kept in touch when away and had asked her to marry him. They were virtually living together when he was in the area, spending all of his time at her apartment.

But she had heard a few rumours and there had been a few incidents that made her wonder. Sometimes this guy's phone would ring and he would get flustered and try to avoid the call. Sometimes he would take the call but go off outside to speak to the person in private. Sometimes he would let slip telling her things which contradicted what he had told her before. Joanne (not her real name) felt she really liked this man and wanted to make it work but she was unable to decide if it was worth the risk and energy. So she came to me.

A good psychic reading can tell you so much about a situation or a person, and there are other methods that one can add to the mix to help to find out even more.
Unfortunately, this guy was already married, he already had four children, when he was furtive and flustered on the phone it is was wife phoning. When he was away on business he was often at home with his family, not working at all. Frank (not his real name) really did like Joanne but he knew she would not get involved with a married man so he lied to her, one lie led to another and in the end he was in deeper and deeper as there were too many lies to be able to start to be honest and he liked her too much to want to just lose her.

As it turned out Joanne was not that bothered. She decided that she liked John so much she was very happy to carry on seeing him like this, so long as he was now honest with her, there was no more need for lies. She was quite happy to live on her own knowing he would be there for a week or so regularly, she felt she had the best of both worlds. It was John who ended up torn in two because he now much preferred Joanne and hated to go home to his wife.

Joanne, being a woman, was also concerned that John's family did not miss out. She hated the idea that he would abandon them for her.They did sort it out and they found a way that worked for all of them. John never told his wife about Joanne! One of the things that helped Joanne decide was knowing that despite all of the rest John really did love her and she would not meet another man she could really love for at least a few years. Knowing that made it so much easier for her to work out what to do. After all if she had asked John he might have lied and she would never really have been sure that any of what he told her was the truth. But someone who has not met him and has no reason to lie to her, who can tell her is far more helpful.


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