You may have heard that phrase "A dollar saved is a dollar earned". This is actually very true. Too often, we get our paychecks and we run to the nearest store to spend it all without a second thought about saving it. We think it is too much trouble to clip coupons and we leave all the lights on around the house. The truth is, a dollar today can become a fortune tomorrow.

When we save on gas consumption, electricity, transportation, clothing, we actually keep that money, which we otherwise would have spent. It may seem a bit unnecessary to go to a lot of trouble to save a buck, but it all adds up. The millionaires start with negligible savings. The key is not just to save a few pennies, but to teach ourselves to manage our money wisely and eventually let our money make us more money.

In an effort to try to help you achieve this goal, think about your money situation as an economy. Think about how the state of the economy affects the entire country. Your economy affects your life. What if your economy was at peak performance 100% of the time?

We all know that this isn't possible since too many variables like employment and the overall economy can affect it, but if we save our money and manage it correctly, these variables can have less devastating effects on us.

Now, I'm not saying that you can never go shopping again, or buy yourself anything but the basics. Just start small. Think about this. When you take the car even short distances you use fuel. If you do this a lot, it can amount to a large amount of fuel. A small step in the right direction here would be to make a list of your errands and make one larger trip instead of several small ones.

There are many ways to save on fuel. On some web pages we can find savings listed by gas station, so you can see where the price per liter is less, and which gas stations do special offers. Finding out about this is highly recommended, of course.

It does not take more than a few minutes and the benefits are egregious, especially for those people who have to make a lot of driving trips or a daily driving routine. It is important to know which gas stations will be cheaper to refuel at.

Another way to save gas is to pay with loyalty cards or special credit cards that allow you to save on known brands. Those who have these can get fuel savings of up to 10%. If you decide to use a credit card to get the fuel savings that are offered with the card, make sure you pay the card off every month before there is any interest charged to it. Also, check to make sure that the card does not have large fees associated with it.

You can use all these strategies to save money but it means nothing unless you can sustain and continue to save successfully for the long term. Get my FREE how to save money making secrets set on auto-pilot at:

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