Not many people are aware about what an embalmer does, nor there are many career portals which accommodate this career field. Embalmers are those who help in treating bodies so that the decay can be resisted. As an important part of the funeral based industry, they help in preparing dead bodies for burial services.

Roles and Responsibilities

The embalmer is required to wash, clean and put embalming chemicals over and in the dead body. Later, the body in put under refrigeration and moved out for embalming. Funeral setups actually require embalmers to perform a variety of other tasks before and after the funeral as well.

Career Opportunities and Growth

Embalmers can go on to become funeral directors, who earn a healthy source of income. After considerable experience, many embalmers offer independent service. Funeral directors handle all major to minor burial based aspects which includes working with the relatives of the deceased with respect to their requirements and concerns.

Job Opportunities

A majority of embalmers work in the funeral industry but hospitals and other industries also require the services of embalmers. In addition, it is seen that many embalmers are students working part-time. Many private and government based medical and detective agencies also hire the services of embalmers. Work flow of normal embalmers and medical embalmers differ as per the results expected; medical embalmers work towards preventing decay, while getting a life-like appearance is the core area of a normal embalmer.

Education and Training

More than education, practical learning, training and practice are more important towards being an embalmer. North America and Europe have mortuary schools where embalming practices could be learnt. Later, these folks can opt for an apprenticeship to learn the finer aspects of the trade. Modern funeral embalming is an important part of the learning. After training, embalmers can get hands-on training while working as apprentices.

Some aspects of embalming practices could be learnt while studying other related science based courses.

Pay Scales

With aesthetics entering the embalming field, pay scales have risen. Embalmers who work for special embalming techniques, required for accident and disfigured bodies are paid better.

Lastly, the field of embalming is a male-dominant profession as per facts and figures; most religions don’t allow women to be a part of the process though.

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Earlier known as an off-beat career turn, the embalmer fraternity enjoys a decent pay scale now days. Career opportunities as an embalmer, like the field itself are evolving quite fast. Go through multiple career portals to keep an eye on the latest happening related to this field.