The armed forces - one of the strongest fighters of its kind - places significant emphasis on why its soldiers need to wear ballistic and tactical eyewear at the battlefield. In the last few years, the armed forces have been able to stabilise the occurrence of combat ocular trauma, and much of this can be attributed to the way the government has implemented eye protection measures at all levels of its armed forces. In most cases, the eye injuries happen when high energy projectiles explode. The same can also be said of improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Gunshots and explosions can also be held accountable as well to a certain extent in these cases.

Combat ocular trauma is said to be a lot more complicated than the same kind of trauma suffered by civilians, and at times it can involve a number of body systems as well.

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Some Statistics to Keep in Mind

The gravity of the situation can be understood from the simple statistic that the governments are known to allot a certain amount of money to research being done in the area of battlefield eye injury. The defense departments have also come up with a number of facts to further and strengthen the claim of such eyewear for the armed forces.

A significant amount of the trauma related injuries suffered in the battlefield happen to the eyes. In case of most of the soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injuries it has been seen that they are having problems with their eyesight as well. We derive the lion's share of our entire sensory awareness from our eyes. This means that our vision is easily the most important sense for us. This is especially true in situations of combat where there is the need to stay alert round the clock.

Having Some Form of Protection

Having this ballistic eyewear grants you at least some sort of protection in the battlefield as opposed to having nothing at all. It is for sure that you would not mind if your glasses took the hit instead of your eyeballs and got ruined, would you? It is a matter of basic common sense. In spite of this, it is still surprising to note that there are plenty of people who would not mind shooting or going near firearms without any protection for their eyes.

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With ballistic rated tactical eyewear you can be sure that your eyes would stay protected at the battlefield. These glasses are designed in such a way that they can withstand impact at high velocity. This includes bullets as well. In most cases, they would not suffer more than a few scratches. So, you can well imagine the kind of protection that you would get from these glasses while you are making the world a safer and better place for one and all. Now try and imagine the kind of damage that your eyes may suffer if you did not wear these glasses.

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The author has had close associations with those that help out with ballistic eyewear and writes this article to let people know of its benefits for the armed forces.