is the first-of-its-kind digital 'social' club for small business owners in architecture and design that was born in a cloud. The virtual club allows like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners to socialize, dine & drink together, and have meaningful conversations about culture, art, travel, fashion, and attend live events. The private, members-only club solves the problem of design professionals who are tired of the day-to-day, monotonous work, seeking an outlet to socialize in a relaxing and safe environment, from anywhere.

With a stunning timeless exterior, the interior has a lot to live up to as members are greeted with a live front desk receptionist. At Bar 8, one can grab a virtual seat and connect with others over an inventive cocktail while participating in Livestream video conversations. The Meeting Room offers live events, a live DJ, and band sets. One can also use a digital device while cooking with curated chefs at the Kitchen Table or participate in Livestream mixology demonstrations at the Cocktail Bar. At Ella's, one can make a meal at home with enticing recipes from the most renowned chefs in the world; pick up a meal or get one delivered before a group dinner date, even offering a virtual tea time and brunch! 

Debora says, " has partnered with an established online table-reservation platform so members can dine-in, pick up, get order delivery services from local restaurants while connecting with members during Livestream events. Our club offers live dinner parties, wine tastings, and other social events where you can meet up with others from the comfort of your home or anywhere."

The club will be launching May 2021. Once you're approved, you'll receive a digital key to access's community platform to share your experiences, view others' stories, comment, and cheer with the club's professionals. If this club sounds enticing, Join the waitlist!

For more information on the digital destination's essence through extraordinary curated experiences, from live food demonstrations to unique events, please visit the links below.  

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More about has designed an elegant, intimate atmosphere in the cloud for its members. Whether you are meeting new people in the forum, at a live dining event, or participating in a cocktail or food demonstration, is for those from the architecture and design business community. No matter where you are, whether it's home or anywhere in the world, your social club is just a click away. 


It all began with creating a playground for like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners in the cloud. From the live lobby lounge, bar, meeting room, demonstration spaces, and a restaurant, this is the digital building, perfected. The two demonstration spaces will include the Kitchen Table for chef cooking demos and the Cocktail Bar for curated mixologist demos.

More about DSH & CO.

DSH & CO. is a digital service agency and consultancy that focuses on strategy, design + technology. Launched in 2008, we bridge design together with business strategy & technology to help small design business owners start, grow, and run their design businesses. We never stop innovating and expanding our offerings based on how to best serve architects, interior designers, and related professionals in Rye, NY, and beyond.

Today, design businesses have become more mobile in this climate. DSH & CO. digital services give business owners everything they need to make their daily work lives easier, regardless of where they are. With intuitive services and platforms, stay connected with your team, create new experiences and strategies to reinvent your design business to better engage with your design team and clients.