There’s a very good chance you know the value of getting new perspectives on how to grow your business. And you probably understand the value of getting feedback about how to improve your business from someone on the outside.

But there is one set of eyes that you may not be fully leveraging.

And what if that resource was at your beck and call every day?

What if you were to spend an entire week experiencing your business through the eyes of your higher self?

Remember, your higher self sees the perfection of all that is happening. There is no judgment, drama, stress, lack or fear when you look out at the world through these eyes.

Your higher self is the one who brings forth the infinite wisdom of your Inner Business Expert. If you weren't busy reacting to your to-do list, less than excellent results from your team or your lackluster profits, you'd grow your businesses at such a rapid rate you'd wonder how businesses ever fail!

I dare you to give this exercise a try. It costs nothing and very well may be the best thing that ever happened to your business!

Give yourself at least a week to see the benefits. Before you do anything work-related, connect to your higher self (aka, inner guidance) by getting relaxed and simply making a decision to connect. You most likely won't feel like the sky has parted and angels are singing. However, you may feel more at ease, grounded and eager to live your day.

Next ask your higher self, “What would serve me and my business most today? What should I focus on? What action steps would empower me?”

Then do a rampage of appreciation. What are all the things that are going well in your business? Who do you appreciate? Flood appreciation toward your current customers and to all those who will soon be joining your tribe.

Anytime you notice any resistance, avoidance, stress or urgency of time, pause. What does your higher self have to say?

If you deliberately tap into this powerful perspective all day long, I guarantee you will accomplish more this day than any other. You will feel full of energy and excitement. And you will attract significantly more profits by the end of the week.

Are you willing? If you are, it will be critical to your success to set yourself up before you begin. Maybe get an accountability partner, or get your coach to check in with you. Create reminders through post-it notes, email, smart phones and your calendar.

Take this approach as seriously as if you're paying a coach $5000 to rock your business world. This exercise will change the way you do business... if you let it.

I'm in. Are you? Game on!

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