This article details on efficient tips and tricks which would help homeowners to pack their home furniture while relocating. Read the article till the end for better understanding.

Furniture packing is one of the most stressful tasks which, is time-consuming as well. It is always important to know the right tips and tricks for disassembling and packing your furniture properly. Having said that, professional experts on removals in Sydney mostly possess in-depth knowledge of the various techniques and tools such that they can pack your furniture well and ensure zero chances of any damage. In this article, we are going to focus on the right approach of packing your furniture while relocating your home.

Procuring the right packing supplies for furniture removals

It is advised to use special cartons for furniture removals to move all the smaller furniture items. These cartons are quite rigid and come with uniform size because of which, they are ideal for stacking inside moving vehicles as well. Some of the other important items you should procure are bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and more.

Disassembling the furniture

Disassembling all your furniture items is important before packing them as it will make it easier for you to move as well as lessen the chances of any kind of damage or injury. Taking the lampshade off from its base, removing the legs or feet from furniture, etc., are some things which you must do before packing them. Also secure all the screws or nut bolts you’ve got by disassembling the large furniture pieces in a bag separately such that they don’t get lost.

Packing the living room furniture items and home décor stuff

Next, you should also focus on wrapping all the mirror frames and pictures with bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard for ensuring that the frames don’t get any kind of scratches. They can be also wrapped with blankets for offering special care as they are considered to be fragile. All the home display pieces must be further wrapped with bubble wrap before keeping them inside the boxes and should be labelled as fragile. All your lamp shades should be packed in strong and sturdy boxes as well.

General tips on packing for relocation

Following here are some of the basic tips which you should keep in mind while packing.

• All sorts of unbreakable items including towels, clothes, and linen should be ideally packed in suitcases, coloured striped bags, and more.
• Don’t pack any jewellery pieces, important documents, or other valuable items as it’s better to carry them always in person with you.
• Don’t overpack the boxes as it can increase the chances of your stuff getting damaged or broken.
• Always label the boxes with your name, destination, as well as the category of items being stored inside.

The final word

Irrespective of the type of furniture items you need to relocate, hiring experts on removals in Sydney is always recommended. With them by your side, it would become much easier for you to lessen the chances of breakage or damage and ensure that all the furniture are packed and transported well to your new place. You can also ask them about whether they offer assistance in reassembling the furniture items which, would further ensure that the furniture items are organised in the right way.

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