Hotels Gardelegen is of different types. In these hotels you can get all types of facilities which you want. These hotels are located in prime locations from where you can easily get the whole view of the city. These hotels are of very much in demand. This is because it is a famous tourist destination place. Every year more than two million people used to come to this place to enjoy its scenic beauty and for that these hotels are of very demanding. Here in this report you will get the names of three big hotels in Gardelegen. the first name is Hotel Reutterhaus. This hotel has 23 guests’ rooms along with 17 double rooms. There is a very big area for car parking. The rooms in this hotel are very comfortable and are equipped with all modern amenities and facilities like colour television, telephones. Bathrooms are equipped with hair dryer, bath tubs and steam bath facility etc. all these facilities are available in these rooms. Non smoker can ask for non smoking rooms. The hotel provides wireless internet facility to their customers. Moreover other facilities like sauna, gym area, sports club etc are also available to give pleasure and fun to people. This hotel has a big restaurant where all type of food is available.

Nest comes Schloss gut hotel Letzlingen. For relaxation and business matters it offers you the best atmosphere where you can enjoy your trip. This hotel provides 25 comfortable rooms which are all furnished and are equipped with all modern amenities. The bathrooms are equipped with bath tubs and shower, hair dryer, steam bath facility etc. there is big restaurant in this hotel where you will get various types of intercontinental food. This restaurant offers 60 seating places and also hall rooms for organising any event. Moreover the castle gives you the opportunity to organise any conference, seminars or any meeting. In these conference rooms you will get the facility of wireless internet access, projector screen etc. thus this hotel offers plenty of facility to its guests.

Another Hotel Gardelegen is also very famous in Gardelegen and that is Center Hotel Altmark. This hotel has many features. This hotel is situated in Altmark region. Here you can enjoy expensive country site and tranquillity. Here you will get cultural heritage experience. The rooms in this hotel are modern and comfortable which comes with bath tub and shower. Moreover there is also many other electronic goods like television, radio, telephone, wireless internet access etc.

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