A Description Of Dong Quai Extract (Angelica Sinensis)

Dong quai extract or Angelica Sinensis has a reputation as an herb which can successfully treat women's gynecological problems. It has enjoyed this status for centuries now.

If you haven't yet heard of dong quai extract or angelica sinensis, the odds are that you will sometime soon. This is because its popularity is increasing along with its use for treating ailments of the female reproductive system.

Aside from this use, it is also recommended as a uterine tonic and hormonal regulator.  It is often used to treat premenstrual syndrome and the symptoms of menopause by evening out the flow of hormones through the body and slowing or stopping the disruptive process which takes place at this time.

Many herbalists will tell you that if you are interested in a natural way to treat menopausal symptoms, this herb may be the solution to your troubles.


Dong quai is an herb that grows in the frigid, moisture laden air of the mountains of China, Japan and Korea.

A perennial plant, it is sturdy and blooms in July and August. It has delicate white blossoms that exude a pleasing aroma. The roots of this plant are used for medical needs. They are unearthed and made into tablets, powders, and other medicinal substances.

Medical Uses

While the usefulness of dong quai extract (Angelica Sinensis) are still being debated today, there is a general belief that it may indeed be helpful in treating gynecological issues thanks to its properties similar to those of estrogen.

However, when considering the medical potential of this herb, it's important to remember that few studies have been done on the use of this plant on humans.

This is due in part to a lack of interest in herbal remedies which was prevalent in the West for a long time. Some tests have indicated that it might help alleviate pain, dilate blood vessels, and stimulate and relax uterine muscles.

There are no easy answers, however, and a lot more studies are still necessary to determine for certain whether or not dong quay is safe or effective.

Menopausal Symptoms

As people have become more open minded to the potential of herbal medicine, the use of natural medicines to cure various ailments has grown.

Dong quai has opened up a whole new world for women undergoing menopause, as have other supplements and natural herbal remedies which can aid them in handling the symptoms of menopause.

Although menopause is a normal part of a woman's life, it can bring with it a whole swirling mass of puzzling and worrying symptoms, such as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, headaches, and even irregular heartbeat.

The root cause of these discomforts is a lowered estrogen level which can continue for months or years. To sum it all up, menopause symptoms are caused by a severe hormonal imbalance.

One of the reasons natural herbal remedies are often preferred over regular medicine is that they do not have the intense and unpleasant side effects that some traditional medicines do.

In some cases, it almost seems as if the cure is worse than the disease. Natural herbal remedies like dong quai extract (Angelica Sinensis) are able to assuage the discomforts and stress of menopause because what they do best is help to balance your hormone levels.

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