When someone needs an artificial arm, it means that they were in an accident of some sort and lost their arm. It could also mean that you have a life or death disease in your arm and would need it amputated in order to survive. You may be in that same boat and would need a prosthetic arm attached to your body. Living with prosthetic arms in your everyday life is definitely harder, it looks as though it is your real arm, and it is inspiring for other people.
Everything is Harder for You
Living with a prosthetic arm is definitely harder and you may not be able to do most things that other people do. You may not be able to write that well or you may find that it is harder for you to ride a bike. Once the arm is first attached to your body, then it takes some time to get used to. All the things that were easy for you to do before your accident or the amputation is harder because you have to learn how to do everything again. You may have to be careful in the shower but your doctor will give you instructions before they send you home.
Your Artificial Arm Looks Realistic
The great thing about your arm is that it looks real. Your doctor will either have one made for you or order one to match your skin tone. Once it is on, you cannot tell the difference between the artificial arm and your real arm. You will be able to tell the difference once you start moving it and trying to do normal things. The only person that will know you have one is yourself.
Having a Prosthetic Arm is Inspiring
When people hear that you have a prosthetic arm, they want to hear your story. People will not laugh at you or point and whisper. They will find it inspiring to them and would want to find out more. Do not let your self esteem diminish because you should feel happy that your story is very inspiring to other people.
Having prosthetic arms is definitely a challenging experience because it makes doing everyday tasks harder, but at least it looks realistic and inspires others to want to find out more about you. It is a really neat thing to have and if you have to go through this, you would want people on your side.

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