We, regularly see students going to school daily for studies. And, we know the ins and outs of a school day by experience. Still, it would be interesting to read it through a students’ school diary.

Let us peep into the school diary of a student and learn about a day in the life of a high school student.

School days are the beautiful days’ anyone would cherish with a desire for more in the later years. Being a student means, all the knowledge is at his disposal to explore, learn, and, take advantage. And, the learning experiences are unique and different for each student.

However, a structured day in the life of a high school student is more or less the same as that of any school going child irrespective of the school, class, medium, or the state. A walkthrough in the day of a high school student would give us an idea of what our children do in a day.

Let us turn a leaf from one of the school diaries of a student.

From the School Diary of A Student:

A high school students’ day starts early in the morning. Many studious students get up as early as 5 – 5:30 AM, make their bed and go for a walk, exercise or study for an hour or so after completing the morning chores.

It’s Time To Reach School:

Then, the student starts to reach school. The commuting mode may differ for each student. The student may depend on the school bus, public conveyance, private facility, or take a drop from the parent or the guardian. For some, walking to school is an added advantage.

At school, the student gets involved in learning the basic knowledge of science, arts, social science, and languages. It exposes the student to know about the beautiful discovery and inventions.

It is the best opportunity a student will have in the lifetime to know the details of science, arts, and more. It inculcates the aspiration in the minds that determines the future.

A future scientist, archeologist, mathematician, politician, and all are decided here. Mention not to say, a pilot is also decided here for many of the pilots might have experimented take-off with paper flights in the early stage at school level itself.

Many of them get an opportunity to re-enter the same school as the teacher or principal. Just imagine the day where you teach someone else in the same classroom, where you sat listening to one of your teachers.

I say the experience is lovely for I was blessed with the opportunity to enter the same college, the same classroom and the same lab as a student and the lecturer.

Its Lunch Hour Now:

Then, comes the lunch hour. It is the time to cherish, where students rush out of the classrooms with tiffin boxes to the ground. Within five minutes, the ground will get occupied by students in different circles or groups. And, amidst the group, spotting the dogs, crows, and monkeys is also a familiar scene.

Sometimes, you may see a day, where you spill your food on the ground in the quest of running away from a monkey and then sharing the food from your close friend. And, mention not to say, the corridors and classrooms get occupied in the rainy days. And, you stealthily push the green chili to a corner.

After lunch, many schools have a study/library period of 30 minutes. Then, follows the core subject or languages.

Apart from this, you will have co-curricular activities and weekly parliament session. If you are privileged to be a parliament member, you have the rights to walk into another classroom for discipline maintenance during the study period or leisure hours, and report to the next hierarchy.

And, finally, the day comes to an end with evening prayer. Many rush back home, and some may stay back for an hour more to gain the benefits of sports activity, extra coaching, and other school activities.

In brief, school life is enjoyable. The routine days are spiced up with cultural programs, picnics, or short trips. Taking a break for practice sessions indeed is another way to escape the lessons you hate.

After You Reach Home:

Once, you reach home after a day-long schedule in the school, it is time to start studying again after a small snack and leisure time. Watching TV also is an unavoidable task.

If you are the ezeetest app student, then with no doubt, your study task at home is made easy.

You can straight away start to practice questions of the day’s chapter by attending online practice tests. If the tests are nearing, then you can opt for online test series. Likewise, if you are planning to take up NTSE or other competitive exams, then you go for aptitude tests.

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Once you finish the day’s dinner and studies, its time to have a good night sleep. Thus, ending the day successfully carrying forward the learnings.

A day in the life of a student is the best part of life. In brief, a day in the student life is about learnings, discipline, fun, enjoyment, and dreams of future. When utilized to its maximum, it makes the dream future true.

This is written by taking hints from the school diary of a student like you and is typical for most of the students.

Write yours if there is any add-ons or differences in the comment section below.

Source: https://ezeetest.app/life-of-a-high-school-student/

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