Most engineering aspirants often get bewildered when the question is posed to them: “Which engineering stream will you choose?” Every applied science aspirant, by and large, is not able to answer convincingly. Most aspirants just want to study the discipline because it offers a rewarding, high-paying career. Best engineering college offers world-class engineering courses in Dehradun, Uttarakhand.
The aspirants, however, do not know much about the different streams of engineering. The question of selecting a branch of the discipline is not at all tough.

What are the factors to judge the relevance of a stream of applied science?
You, the aspiring engineer must know a couple of things to judge whether the branch is meant for you or not. The list of things includes:-
Know the branch’s placement record. The study is necessary for knowing the demand of the branch.
Try to understand the branch’s future.
Also, try to know your comfort level with the study of the branch. Whether the branch is of your interest or not.

Find out your interest
If you are not at all interested in technology, science and mathematics, then the field is not your cup of tea.

In general, two types of students want to pursue the course.
The first set of students wants to become an engineer as it is a childhood dream
The second set of students is really interested in engineering and wants to explore the field
The piece of advice for the first set is to select a branch of technology on the grounds of placement, pay, comfort, etc. The advice for the second set of students is to simply study the field and explore it.

Which is the best branch for applied science?
Let us not beat around the bush, the answer to the above question is, “None.” Now, you do not have to be crestfallen. Every field of applied science is the best in its own way. The question that you may want to ask is: “Which is the best branch of engineering for me?” And the answer is, “It depends upon your interest.”
For instance, most aspirants do not find the fields of biochemical and agricultural engineering appealing. The candidates of such branches of applied sciences, however, are well paid and come under top researchers of the world.

The well-paid engineering branches
The award for the best engineering branch in terms of placement goes to Mechanical Engineering: A big round of applause for those engineers who build machinery, cars and other contraptions to make everyday life so convenient. Apart from mechanical engineering, other branches that get aspirants hefty packages are:-
Computer Science
Electronics and communication

Other branches of applied sciences that are consistently evolving are:-
Information Technology (IT)
Agricultural and Food Processing
Agricultural and Irrigation
Aircraft Maintenance
Applied Electronics and Instrumentation
Robotics and Automation
Such newly developed fields let engineers undertake remarkable feats that help mankind develop and become sophisticated.

Not only the students but also the higher education institutes in our country are pitted against each other and ranked every year by not just the media but also by the government. These rankings are done on a plethora of factors both in absolute terms to rank the best engineering colleges in Dehradun Uttarakhand that is a matter of pride for each college. It is advisable to students to find access to this list while they make up their mind on their choice of the best engineering college in Dehradun. These ranking parameters used for college ranking are very relevant and lets the prospective student know the kind of intellectual biome they can expect. The rankings are done after an extensive data gathering done by a team of experts in the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India on several facets like academic excellence, placement statistics, student’s preferences, faculty experience and research, national importance of the course taught advanced technology education, faculty ratio, college facilities, etc. Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions in Dehradun is awarded as best placement engineering college in Uttarakhand.

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