Sheesham wood is one of the most popular choices for carpenters working in the furniture industry. Sheesham wood furniture is very famous all over India, but most of the Indian population don’t have the awareness about the features and benefits of Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood is a deciduous tree grown across the sub-Himalayan region and known as Dalbergia Sisso or Indian rosewood. Let us check out why people prefer beds made out of Sheesham wood of late:
Benefits of Sheesham wood for Beds
Many experienced interior designers say that Sheesham is the commonest hardwood used not only for furniture but also in any kind of woodwork across the country. It is well known for its uses in flooring, wooden sheets, walls, window panels, doors and as a veneer. Here are some facts that you should know about Sheesham wood and what makes it so popular:
The strength of this wood is exceptional hence it’s widely chosen for high-quality furniture.
The most outstanding feature is its flexibility and elasticity that makes it ideal for wooden furniture and this feature enables the carpenters to work with ease.
Sheesham wood is seen in different shades such as golden brown, dark brown, reddish-brown and chestnut colour with white to light brown streaks.
This wood does not warp or split easily hence it has been used in the manufacture of cabinets, cupboards, and desks.
Malleable nature of this wood allows it to make papers.
It responds excellently to polishing and shines and gets a smooth surface on hand waxing.
Sheesham wood has a natural resistance to decay thus makes it long-lasting. This feature allows most of the manufacturers and sellers of beds online and retailers to choose this wood for furniture making. It is also least vulnerable to dry-wood termites. Hence this piece of furniture can be used for a lifetime if taken proper care.
The toughness of the wood makes it suitable for ornamental turnery too.
It has a well-defined grain that makes each Sheesham wood furniture a unique piece with its colour.
Sheesham wood is known for its superior workability feature hence making it a brilliant choice for engraving and carving designs that gives the furniture piece its majestic look.
Sheesham wood has different applications in aircraft, marine and manufacturing boats, it is used as charcoal for heating and cooking food, and making musical instruments and sporting goods.
The root of the Sheesham wood is used to make tobacco pipes.
In cold countries, Sheesham wood is used in the construction of houses.
Knowing the care and maintenance part of Sheesham wood is as important as knowing the advantages of making the furniture durable. Let's have a close look at the tips for maintenance.
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and extreme temperatures like fireplaces to make Sheesham wood long-lasting as though it doesn’t warp or split easily.
To avoid spillage, staining and unwanted marks on the surface of Sheesham wood, make use of coasters and mats before keeping the hot items.
When you place ornaments on top of Sheesham wood, it’s better to use a soft covering on the Sheesham wood. This will simply prevent any kind of scratches and scrapes on this wood.
To prevent dust accumulation in the corners of the furniture, regular dusting and wiping with a soft cloth can help. Because dirt on the furniture will look very unpleasant.
Another tip to keep it shining throughout the year is to polish thrice in a year using any furniture spray or polish. This process is very simple. First, you can apply a layer of polish on the wood and then rub it with a dust cloth. Afterwards, wipe it with a lint-free cloth to give it a good lustre.

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