Writing a Will

You can make your own will in your life because you don’t want the local or state courts to decide how much portion of your wealth goes to who. Writing a will is one of the best things you can do for ensuring a sound life of your loved ones after you are gone.
Requirements for Writing a Will

Before writing a will, you need to make certain that you are in sound mental and physical health and of contractual capacity. However, every will is prone to scrutiny and legal procedures after the death of the will writer.
Using Free Will Forms: Printable/ Non-Printable/ Downloadable

Free will forms both printable and non-printable are available for download on the internet by type and kind. However, it is always recommended that one consults legal help or a lawyer for soliciting a will.
Legal Procedure of Will Writing for Canada, California, Texas and Louisiana
How to Write a Will in Canada?

Writing a will in Canada is a comparatively less binding legal procedure where you can create your own will but involving your estate lawyer or getting legal advice is still a better idea. You can find the guide steps for drafting a Canadian will here and here.
How to Write a Will in California?

To write your own will as a state resident of California follow the step wise guide provided here. However, as a cautionary note, please remember that writing your own will may result in unintended consequences, misinterpretation and perhaps litigation where probate might be unavoidable.
How to Write a Will in Texas?

To write your own will as a state resident of Texas follow the step wise guide provided here. The will might still need witnesses, executioners and other legally binding requirements to be considered complete.
How to Write a Will in Louisiana?

To write your own will as a state resident of Louisiana follow the step wise guidelines provided here while the legal requirements of Louisiana wills can be found here.

Helpful Resources for Drafting a Will or Testament

Generally, there are four ways that make the task of writing a will easier for you. You can opt for any of these methods to get your will prepared accurately and in least possible time.

By hiring a solicitor and depending on his mastery
Download or purchase a do-it-yourself will software
Avail the services of a writer who specializes in writing wills
Take help from the online will writing services

Online will writing service is becoming increasingly popular because it costs less than the fee of a solicitor and will drafting software such as WH Smith.

Types and Formats of Wills
Handwritten or Holographic Wills

Although it is preferred by most courts that a typed will should be made by an individual in his life. However, in some cases, handwritten wills are also accepted although they are not usually drafted on a standard pattern.

While writing a handwritten will, the testator (person who writes a will) must ensure that he writes it in blue ink so that the original can be distinguished from photocopies.

A codicil is an addition to a will. People add codicils to their wills when they want to make any amendments or additions in their previous decisions. Codicil saves the testator from writing a completely new will once again. It is also signed and witnessed like the original will.
Statutory Wills

Statutory wills are those which are based on standard terms and phrases as per the court of law to simplify the process. This type of will comes in printed form on which the testator is required to fill in checks and blanks.
Oral Wills

Oral Wills are the least authentic of all types of wills and acceptable only in a few regions.
Joint or Mutual Wills

Joint or mutual wills are usually written by married couples and refers to the distribution of mutually owned property. In case of this type of will, if one of the spouses dies, the other is given the right of ownership of all the property.
Sample Will Format /Template

You can download sample free will templates from the list provided below:

Last Will or Testament Template
Living Will Template
Legal Will Template

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