A lot of parents around the world struggle with toilet training their children and use the toilet independently. You need to understand that although the children have the innate ability to keenly observe things; sometimes they would need time to learn new things. Potty training is one such thing. Potty training or toilet training is essentially a way to teach them how to use the toilet every time they feel the need to relieve.

One of the key things about toilet training is patience; the children will not learn to go to the toilet overnight. You need to make them feel comfortable to use the toilet, you have to make the baby get used to the idea that the poop needs to be done in the toilet. You have to make the process of toilet training fun for them. Buying a baby toilet seat in India that attracts their attention can work wonders in encouraging them to use the toilet. Another effective technique to potty train the baby is to associate a sound or an action to the act of peeing or pooping in the toilet.

What is the right time to start potty training?

You can start training your baby whenever you want, but, doctors and baby care experts suggest it is best to start the toilet training after 15 months. The babies learn to control the bladder between 18 to 24 months. It is also during this time that the child will be able to sit confidently and they will be ready to consume solid food.

When the baby starts eating solid food, their pooping patterns too change. Smaller children who feed exclusively on breast milk can poop several times a day or just once in a week. They also tend to pee about five to six times a day. However, as they start to grow up and start eating solids, their poop patterns become more like adult and they settle into once a day routine.

Another important thing to remember while toilet training your baby is to stick to one routine. Any major changes in their daily routine; be it the feeding time or sleeping time, it can upset them and affect their behaviour. Sometimes it may feel them cranky and they may start crying a lot. Follow a fixed time for feeding and taking them to the toilet, this will help them get used to the routine and soon they will give a signal that they need to use the toilet.

What do you need to start toilet training?

It would be great if you can buy a small-sized toilet seat before you start potty training. Most toilet seats are designed in a way that it holds them comfortably and in a secured manner. Make sure that you clean the seat after every use to avoid the risk of any infection. If you are using a toilet seat with your regular seat, it would be advisable to use a small stool to provide support to the baby’s feet. It would also allow the baby to balance well on the seat as they expel the stool.

How to toilet train the baby?

For starters, closely observe the poop pattern, how often do the pee or poop, does the baby always poop at the same time of the day, does the baby make any peculiar sound while they poop or does their expression change. Once you have understood the pattern, you can use a sound while the baby is relieving so that they can associate it with relieving. Take your baby to the bathroom at regular intervals, this would help them get used to the bathroom and they may associate it with peeing. Use a nice baby toilet seat in India to make the reliving time more fun for the baby.

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