Nowadays there are various promotional tools available to put your company on the map. But many people find such resources intrusive and not interested in looking at them. Consider, for example, banners, advertisements and videos. However, there are also methods to deal with this creatively and to make it fun for the customer.

Especially with video you can create more experience and you can show your goal in a creative way to potential customers. All you have to do is research their needs and see how you can respond to them. You go along on the customer's purchase journey, as it were, and try to offer them your products or services. How will you ensure that content is used correctly in this customer journey?

Buyer journey vs. Customer journey
Before we delve deeper into the customer journey, it is good to know which situation precedes it. The customer journey is the process that the person has already become a customer and from there will make his own customer journey. The buyer journey is another step before that a person decides to make a purchase. During the buyer journey, the person goes through a different journey that starts with becoming aware of a problem and ends with the decision to buy. When this person has gone through this funnel, they will only enter the customer journey that also has its own phases. First, let's take a look at which stages the buyer journey consists of.

Phases of the buyer journey:

Within the buyer journey we distinguish three different phases, namely awareness, consideration and decision. What do these phases entail and how can you respond to them?

In the awareness phase, consumers are looking for answers or solutions to their problems. They are very much orientating and mapping out all their needs. In fact, nothing concrete is being made yet, but we first examine what the market is like and which parties are active in it.

In the consideration phase, the consumer has a good picture of the market and is now looking for the right solution. Setting criteria and comparing multiple providers to see whether they meet these criteria is clearly evident in this phase.

The decision phase is all about making choices. If all goes well, the consumer has found the right solution to the problem and has found a party that meets the requirements. Although comparisons can sometimes be made between a few providers, the decision is made for the right party.

What is the meaning of the customer journey?
After the buyer journey, the person has become a lead and ends up in the customer journey. The customer journey is the route that a potential customer takes to purchase a product or service. From buying a new car to outsourcing a job. The point is that someone experiences a problem and wants to solve it as quickly as possible. At that moment he goes through a certain process that is divided into different phases. Which are :

Phases of the customer journey
Just like with the buyer journey, we speak of different phases in the customer journey. During each phase, the customer enters a certain situation and a different approach is always required to reach this customer. It is important that you map out the customer's journey and apply the so-called customer journey mapping. With this you visualize, as it were, the route that the customer takes to reach his ultimate goal.

Attention: the first contact moment is made with the customer.

Consideration: the customer will gather information from different parties and compare it.

Action: the customer looks for the solution to his problem and chooses his favorite party.

Always: the customer determines the satisfaction of his purchase.

Later: the client promotes you through various channels.

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