The mobile application industry is very vast and this industry is one of them that only expects to grow in the coming years.
With this growth, the market will be very profitable. You can make your own app or you can start a career in mobile app development.
Mobile apps are generated via app stores and in-app advertising if anybody wants to be a mobile android app developer, one must possess software development skills and knowledge.
If you know what you’re doing, it can be an extremely profitable way to make money. In this article, you will find a guide to becoming a successful mobile app developer. So, let’s begin.

Choose One Of The Major Platform
The first step towards learning for mobile developers is to choose a major platform. The major platforms in the development world are Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry RIM. Android and iOS are on the top in the mobile industry, even though Windows apps may still be relevant and not most lucrative to areas. Ecommerce app development, But it’s still not a profitable platform. It’s better to cover one by one, and then gradually expand your horizon to develop other platforms as well.

Learn The Required Training And Education
To be a Freelance Mobile app developer India, must require software skills and knowledge. Software engineering and computer science is a good foundation because it helps you get a grasp on key concepts of data structuring, designing, and programming.
You have many options for offline and online courses. There are several platforms where you easily find such online courses on sites like Coursera, Edx, etc. and that too free.

Master These Areas
There are three core concepts that are required to take a stronghold on fundamentals.
Mobile user interface design
Business expertise.

Mobile User Interface Design
It starts with the design. It is the core of an app. If you are being able to code an interface you set a launchpad for your career growth.

You must have knowledge of programming if you want to develop a mobile app.
Object-oriented programming language:
Java, C++, Objective C.
For ios app developer & Apple’s, their own programming language is also accepted by app development companies.
Front end:
HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

Business Expertise
You should always understand the business app. You should know how to monetize an app. How to make users and Freelance Mobile app Developer spend more time on the app.

Practice Your Skills
Regular practice makes your skills sharp. If you learn these skills then you should constantly practice coding, programming, and even development.
Step 1: Come up with an app idea
Step 2: Detail down your app idea onto paper
Step 3: Hire or Collaborate with the people that you can help you
Step 4: Test your idea
Step 5: Convert it to other platforms

Apply For Internship
If you want to make your eCommerce apps with an established app company. You will be earning. The best thing is you learn the processes by which a project is organized and implemented.

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