Be clear on your requirements
Ideally You should look for a professional wedding planner who will arrange a full-service wedding to the tee with all cultural and traditional details kept in mind, You may also need them to help you choose the wedding location and the right vendors too, and a coordination head who will report all the progress to you.

Why wedding planner?
Why hire a wedding planner and add more costs, you ask? There are many reasons as to why like You save big time on your energy, You get to focus on other wedding tasks, You get to focus on yourself and you henceforth, you save a lot of money.

What to keep in mind?
Before you start talking to wedding planners, sit with your fiance and finalize the following;
1. Your budget
2. The number of guests on the list to be invited
3. The date of the wedding
4. The theme of the wedding
5. Your vision of the wedding

Firstly, you need wedding planners who are easy to contact and responsive to your needs. If they don’t return your calls promptly or don’t seem organized, look elsewhere, Make sure you speak to a previous client that has been serviced by the planner. Recommendations will help you understand the work pattern of your wedding planner better, Beware of wedding planners who are getting commissions for recommending certain vendors, Make sure that you like the taste and style of your wedding planner– you want your big day to reflect your personality and be ‘you’. If your wedding planner shares your sense of aesthetic, nothing like it! Like any vendor, you’ll want to have a clear contract with your wedding planner that spells out their duties, costs and expenses, and deposits and payment schedules, Make sure your wedding planner has not taken more than 1-2 more weddings other than yours in that particular month and has enough time to plan your wedding. Wedding planners that provide full-services in India also help scout the best location, vendors, and venues for the wedding.

Consider the following points
1. Have they ever used the same venue before?
2. Contingency plans they provide for incase it is bad weather!
3. Do you have to choose only the vendors they have or can you hire from outside?
4. Who pays the vendors-is it all inclusive of the vendor fees or would you have to pay separate!
5. Who checks on with the quality of services provided by the vendor?
6. What if the vendors don’t turn up on time at the wedding venue on the day of the wedding?
7. What logistical planning can one provide as back-ups on the day of the wedding and after that?
8. While the wedding venue is being decked up, who is going to be supervising!
9. Do you have your own team of wedding photographers?
10. Do you have your own bridal makeup and hair team?

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