A stagnant stigma

Let us take good look at the stagnant stigma surrounding abuse and see abuse for what it really is: an oppressed, suppressed, repressed mighty universal power that has been stolen – mostly feminine.

Now look closer. It takes extraordinary resilience and endurance to contain such compressed energy in the cells of our bodies, as well as our psyche. And, since it is an inherent and infinitely expanding energy, it was never meant to be suppressed.

It’s only through the constant governor of conditioning regulated by environment that keeps it lodged in our cells beyond our current awareness. And, it’s directly related to a person’s inability to release it that they eventually succumb to the crippling emotions, physical ailments and dis-ease that result from holding it inside too long.

It goes without saying that it takes great guts and grit to rise above the stigma and ascend to a rightful mindset where abuse is concerned – and then heal one’s self of the amassed injuries.

Bottle soda, not energy

One analogy is to imagine your body as a soda bottle and this energy as effervescent atoms of carbonated soda. Now do something you wouldn’t want to do with a bottle of soda before you uncap it, SHAKE IT. When you open this soda, doesn’t all the liquid come frothing out as if there was twice as much as the bottle could possibly hold – and with such pressurized force? This is likened to the power that has been contained within womankind for millenniums – continuously being shaken with the cap on.

Look at the exceptions over the course of history for the odd sparkling bubbles of true womanhood that have been allowed to burst to the surface of our consciousness pool. Do you see what’s missing?

This bottled force is the undercurrent of our trapped society and we really need to uncap it to access the greatest natural untapped resource on our planet – the healing power and wisdom of women. Humanity was created with her in the foundation and humanity needs her back.

Self-awareness for safety

The scope of range for releasing such compressed energy is as unique as every one of the 3.5 billion women on this planet and it is necessary to do it as safely as possible. A very important fact to acknowledge is: there within each woman is so much personal power that could be harnessed to bring the most beautiful gifts to her, her family, her community and her loving earth – she should bring it.

And, depending on what archetype and how much energy is being released it can feel like anything from a subtle shift into happy-kissy jumping for joy to embrace the world mode to a torrid rush into creepy-crawly leaping out of your skin to escape the torment mode.

If there is enough self-awareness and self-love there will be a chariot of victory for the woman – if not, the crisis cycle of abuse will be the only transportation she will continue to ride. And we all know where that vehicle takes you – down the road of stagnation littered with broken and empty bottles.

Author's Bio: 

Anything I talk or write about is experiential; mostly mine and sometimes through someone very close to me. I’ve spent decades on self study, because I knew that child abuse had somehow stunted my ability to be truly happy. I also knew I had to look inside my heart and face the incredible pain if I was to change that. What I found beyond the pain is the most beautiful sense of universal love imaginable – and I left breadcrumbs at each turn to prove it.