Am I the only one at a complete loss by the bodybuilders that swear by Chipotle meals every day?  Personally, every time we go to Chipotle, I have to prepare myself for gaining at least two pounds, having a food hangover, and feeling instant regret.  Plus, all that sodium.  Woof.

I lived next to Chipotle all next year and gained about ten pounds eating it every night.  In an effort to curb my craving for burrito bowls, I came up with a "diet" burrito bowl recipe.  Years later, I still use it.  As an added bonus, it's a great go-to for weekly meal prep.  Mostly because it is probably the most half-assed recipe of all time.

The ingredients:
1 Bag Tri-Color Quinoa

1 Can of Black Beans

1 Can of Black Olives

1 oz. Cilantro Leaves

2 Peppers, Red & Green

1 oz. Taco Bell Taco Seasoning

1 bag of Organic Valley Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese

1 Scoop of light sour cream and/or Guacamole

Cook the quinoa according to the instructions on the back
Once it's done, drop it into a large container with the black beans and black olives
Dice the peppers and chop cilantro leaves
Drop peppers, cilantro leaves, and seasoning into bowl
Mix all aforementioned ingredients
When you're ready to eat, scoop out your portion and heat in the microwave for 90 seconds
Once it's hot, add sharp cheddar cheese and toppings of your choice
And now, you're officially a burrito expert.  And probably contributing to Chipotle's plummeting stock.  Enjoy!

Author's Bio: 

Hannah is a business school graduate, New Yorker, and an avid marathon runner. To date, she has finished over ten marathons including the Boston Marathon. With over a dozen years of competitive running under her belt, she began a running blog called She hopes to give runners an honest opinion of what has worked and what hasn't by calling upon her own personal experiences.