A vegetable garden for children is always fun, educational and healthy! Children discover in this way where vegetables come from, are moving and outside. Three good reasons to start a vegetable garden with your child.

Small Vegetable Garden for Children
Even if you do not have a lot of space, it is possible to create a vegetable garden for children. This can be done in pots and trays on the terrace, on the balcony or in small pots inside the window. For children it stays organized and fun that way. Even if you have a large garden, it is smart to delimit a piece of your garden or to place a vegetable garden bin in the garden. In this way children know exactly which part of the garden they are allowed to care for. It then really becomes their vegetable garden!

Easy Plants
Choose plants in a vegetable garden for children where you can see results quickly. Think of all kinds of lettuce, radishes, cress, Parisian carrots, and herbs such as parsley, chives, sage and basil. But also plants from which they can reap the benefits always do well. Tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries for example! Before these plants bear fruit, they first give beautiful flowers; that is very nice in itself. The nursery set especially for children contains all kinds of suitable plants for a vegetable garden for children.

Sow or Plant
Both planting and sowing have advantages and disadvantages in a vegetable garden for children. Planting is easier and faster, but the process from seed to plant is also very fun and educational. Children see exactly how a seed germinated and what it involves before the plant has grown into an adult plant and produces fruit. You can easily find a huge list of plants for balconies that you can easily access. Help the children with precise chores such as weaning.

Chores for Children
Children can quickly help with the chores that have to be done in the garden. Sowing, planting, weeding and watering are all chores that children, once explained, know exactly how to do it. Depending on the age of your child, you will of course have to help here and there. Be careful with sharp tools; giving your child his own tools is more fun and safer.

No matter how you turn it around, we love to play with our children more than to maintain our garden. A garden that is good and easy to maintain can also be a real play paradise for children.

  • Opt for permanent planting and especially for evergreens.
  • Place the plants that do lose leaves in a place where you can leave the leaves.
  • Children can experience hours of playing fun on a lot of leaves.
  • A simple intervention, such as filters for your gutter, can make a big difference. You then have to clean it less often.
  • Choose gravel to prevent weed growth or place ground covers between your plants.
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Misty Jhones