Firstly my apologies, I have been away from this site for a couple of months, I have had plenty going on. I have had some spectacular failures, which has put me on a steep learning curve. I almost gave up on building web based businesses completely,it seemed too hard and too far away from me, it was giving me a headache.

But I haven’t given in and I won’t be. I tend to start something and learn as I do, I was never able to sit down, and methodically plan, then implement. I just start something, and juggle as many balls as I can, to me it’s a numbers game, and if you keep trying something will stick.

This brings me to the point of this post, in the last 6 months I have had dozens of registered urls, and websites up and running, mostly doing nothing, a little traffic, a very small amount of INCOME. I was getting frustrated, so I took some time to work out what I was doing wrong, and the answer is I was doing plenty wrong.

I had no strategy, at all. As I said I just kept on throwing ideas up into the air, expecting something to happen… but them I found something that changed my thinking. I found other blogs that were successful


Smart Passive Income



I found Niche Dash, which led me to SPI, then to Thinktraffic, then to Nichepursuits.  There are others, but SPI and Nichepursuits have now become my main referral blogs.

I learnt so much out of both of them, it’s astounding. So after rethinking my strategy, I am implementing some new directions for my web business and my conventional additional sources of income.

Firstly I am refining my smaller niche sites, as well as actively creating more.

Secondly I want to grow a couple of sites (this one included), that I hope will develop into Authority sites.

Thirdly, I am developing E-books on several topics.

Fourthly I am re-entering the share market

Fifth I am re-entering the property market.

Now with the above 5 point strategy, my plan is to on this site, layout all I can about the methods I use, successes I have and the failures I have (Hope more of the first, less of the second).

I will be revealing everything openly on this site. Which is something I had really struggled with, until I found and read SPI, it took me quite a bit of working out why Pat Flynn is so successful. He is so open and honest with his approach. It really took me by surprise, as I have spent a large amount of my working life in Sales, and my approach has been open and honest, which gave me a huge amount of success, so I am not sure why I struggled with being open in a online web business.

My large end goal is to be able to manage my businesses from anywhere in the world.. like a beach in Thailand

As this is my first post in a long time, it’s a shorter one as I will have plenty more coming… As all ways I would love to hear from you, feel free to comment

Outlining why i had to change my strategy in A change in Strategy to increase my INCOME My personal journal of my journey to earn more money.

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After spending years suffering from mental and physical abuse growing up, followed by years of depression and soul destroying self-doubt I took stock of my life and left a 12 hour a day, well-paying job and a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom mansion to travel the world, study Buddhist teachings and do volunteer work in Australia and Africa. I also studied counseling, life coaching and familiarized myself with many self help products.