Right from the end of the 18th century to the beginning of 19th century new arrangements were made and new methods imbibed. Ancient method of governance was uprooted and in its place democracy was successfully reinstated.

Industrialization and urbanization came into vogue during these times and development of urban rather than rural areas took place. Very small towns got converted to gigantic metro cities and tall buildings, huge factories etc were constructed. Its grandeur challenged that of heaven. All this took place in small and big nations alike.

Along with this new labor unions were established which was never seen before. There was a vast difference in terms of status as far as bosses and their servants were concerned. It was as per the wish of the boss that a servant could do a job to earn money. Yet due to establishment of labor unions the situation changed and hence bosses not only gave various facilities to their servants but that a part of their wealth too had to be shared with the latter.

In the entire world within the field of industries labor unions have been created. They have both national and international unions. They have a fair bit of their say. Via strikes they force not only their bosses but even government to mete out justice. The government too has created a labor and human resources development ministry and they see to it that problematic situations to not appear. And just in case a problem occurs very quickly the issue is resolved.

During these times within the field of thought a new problem had to be faced. A serious thought was required on population explosion which set rolling newer problems. According to Malthus a shocking situation will occur wherein in tandem with increasing population, materials required to sustain life will not augment. Great thinkers thought of ways to decrease the rate of rising world population and made necessary efforts in that direction.

With increase in industrial activities, generated wealth started getting centered. Wealthy became richer and the hardships of poor people too augmented. Since immense wealth entered the hands of wily people they not only became rich but in order to oppress the weak new themes like colonialising were imbibed. As a result a reaction occurred wherein monopoly of holding wealth was opposed and that wealth should be equally distributed to everyone. This was called communism. For some time it was thought to be a stray philosophy but later it gathered so much momentum that gigantic countries like Russia and China used it for governing their countries. Within the realm of economics it is said to be a jolting earthquake.

In the political arena in the 18th and 19th centuries great changes set in for a rule for the people, of the people and by the people. Of course there was opposition yet wisdom prevailed and at least a part of the country’s governance was handed over to the lay public. Regarding this there are many episodes which cannot be forgotten. The biggest being British rule going haywire and scattered. A large portion of Asia, Africa, America and Europe was ruled by the British. New Zealand and Australia too were ruled by it but their rule ended in such a way that it was compared to rusting of iron. Today Britain is a small island. Of course in name only it has a family yet the reality is this that akin to other nations, Britain too is a small region on earth.

In these times in so many countries the type of governance changed. Freedom gained by China and India saw to it that power changed hands.

In 1905 a public movement took place that opposed Czar’s rule in Russia. A small spark in the form of labor strike took the form of a blazing inferno. Political leaders tried to suppress it. Thousands were put in jail and about 75 thousand of them were killed. In spite of this the inferno did not get doused. In March 1917 after uprooting lawlessness communism was established. Those who have read minutely the history of public rule know that their foremost goal was to educate and congregate public opinion for desirable aims. The basis of agitation for political power manifested when the roots of opposition/agitation became firmer. Many who were its followers were ready to die for the cause too.

In past times in France priests, business men etc were landlords of agricultural lands. Farmers were scattered in villages. Whatever they earned was usurped by landlords via various burdensome taxes.

Fire that emanated from these situations resulted in a revolution. All arms used for suppression failed. The agricultural revolution in the year 1792 saw that the situation changed drastically and farmers were now owners of land. Their economic condition changed positively and in a few years the situation was prosperous. The revolution is called an agricultural one but students, laborers and other middle class people who were influenced too also participated in large numbers.

It is amazing to note that a small island called Cuba also opted for communism. In that area a puppet like government of America was at work. The subjects faced a lot of hardships due to oppression by powerful shrewd landlords. In order to suppress those who demanded reforms colonial rulers aimed guns from the shoulders of the local government.

Under such dire circumstances a young lad called Fidel Castro in order to reform his country and bring about a political change got a lot of cooperation from his fellow countrymen. An agitation ensued and despite terrific oppression Cuba could gain freedom.

In 1815 Germany was ruled over by Austria. But in the mean time the middle class of Germany thought of uniting the country. In 1815 Napoleon started congregating small political groups and succeeded in making a German association of 38 countries. After this Otto van Bismarck carried out very great tasks. Under his guidance Germany became a very powerful nation. Instead of just talking a slogan ‘blood or iron’ came into vogue. And thus the entire nation was rejuvenated and in 1866 Austria tasted defeat against Germany.

In 1815 Italy too was ruled by Austria and was continuously oppressed by it. As a result in Italy a secret association called ‘Kairbonari’ came into being and it vowed to defeat Austria. Later a writer who yearned for national integration called Josef Majoni established a united society called ‘Young Italy’ and made efforts to overcome Austria’s rule. In 1848 due to agitation and opposition in the entire country Austria started panicking and in a few days it had to leave Italy.

Majority of the above revolutions were full of bloodshed. A lot of blood had been shed but henceforth the revolution that will take place will be devoid of bloodshed and will be based on thought transformation. There will be no bloodshed or war. Without anything happening changes will occur and people will reform. The beginning of this spiritual revolution has already taken place. If we look at the world today this will become very clear. Thought based revolution can be seen in the Berlin wall breaking up, zest for emancipating women, end of communism, Sudan and Libya trying to unite, North and South Korea trying to unite, public gaining victory in Nepal and Bangladesh etc. A few years back all this could not be imagined but today it is there for everyone to see. We may give it any name yet the changes have definitely taken place due to a thought revolution.

The auspicious beginning of this task had probably started on that very day when the Berlin wall broke and both Germanys united. In recent times 1-10 December 1991 the 12 members of European Union (Holland, Ireland, Britain, Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Greece) decided to make a program of summit meeting in Netherlands so as to cogitate over the situation in Europe. Emphasis was laid on the fact that in the end of 20th century such an association be set up wherein the member nations will be given due status and everyone got ruled by one governing system. If this were to happen then like United States of America a United European States would come into being.

At the summit a discussion took place on many topics. Regarding currency it was decided that instead of each member nation having their separate currencies a common currency should be brought in its place. Their foreign relations and commitments too would be common. Thus everyone will give up their separate foreign relations. The union will have its own defense mechanism. Thus it will be the responsibility of the union to protect its members. For political governance a parliament will be created which will have the authority to make laws of the union.

Up till the end of 1992 all the above will be executed. This will be part of God’s vow to bring in era transformation. There may be a bit of delay but none should doubt the Lord’s resolve which never goes in vain.

If we throw a bird’s eye view on the entire world today everywhere there are efforts for world peace and brotherhood. To an extent all wars have ended. In some countries civil wars do exist but in these times of era transformation these wars too will have to shut shop. After the Soviet Union’s disintegration regarding world’s power a polarization effect is seen. Under such circumstances America cannot remain a Super Power and hence in future if even USA destroys its weapons it will not be amazing at all.

Almighty Lord calls the 21st century as Woman’s Century. Till today the world was dominated by men. The Lord has seen how they ruled the world. Now he will hand over the reins to women. Hence today females are leading in those areas which were so far dominated by men virtually as a monopoly. Regarding this in East Germany an amazing incident is taking place. If women who till today have been cursed, demeaned, oppressed and thought totally incapable are honored by men, what can one say? Mind boggling? Or God’s desire! Or trend of the invisible world?

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