Stone Massage is a specialized therapy utilizing the heat retaining warm basalt and the cool sedimentary massage stones. Chakra balancing is incorporated using semi-precious stones and crystals along with aromatherapy. It is a physical practice with a vital spiritual root.

This unique therapy is a very effective modality due to the warm stone’s thermal conduction effect, which brings about local and systematic changes in the body; as well as influencing the energy centers for body and mind balancing.

The application of hands in conjunction with the stones produces intensified contact with the exceptional energies of the stones and the universal energy assisting within and directing the vital flow to areas of blockage.

In Stone Massage, the harmonious use of various massage techniques and stones relaxes the body at its deepest level. This involves the variegated transformational properties of the mineral and semiprecious stones.

Stone Therapy is one of the most ancient ways of treatment and health preservation. Traditional Chinese Medicine “TMC” which goes back 5000 years recognizes the connection between crystals stones and the physical body. TMC used crystals as part of its pharmacopoeia.

The ancient Stone Therapy as recorded in the Yellow Emperor included moxibustion and breathing exercises. It was also incorporated with the knowledge of meridians/collateral’s therapy.

Personally. I was inspired by the healing techniques taught to me by a descendant of a Shawnee Indian tribe. This type of therapy was key to my healing of a serious afflictive condition. Having experienced the amazing transformational energy of stones, I know that they are powerful. Thus I also believe Stone Therapy to be a catalyst in activating the body’s healing mechanism.

The energy and mineral content of the stones become a powerful synergy of healing energies as they impart their natural antidote to ionic distortions and disorders.

The stones specific resonance transmit energy when placed on specific points on the body, removing blockages, dissolving stress, neutralizing negative energies, drawing energy away from over stimulated areas and re-energizing a depleted one. Thus inducing a feeling of well being and balancing harmony.

The subtle electromagnetic energy of the stones transmutes and transforms. The result is what I term to be Stone Chakra Bio Resonance. This being a vibrational release.

Lymphatic drainage can also be addresses by combining cold stones with warm stones. As Lymphatic flow is altered the body is actually transformed on a cellular level. This combination is also effective for increasing general circulation to vaso- restricted areas of the body.

Stone Therapy is a holistic therapy affecting the individual on all planes, physical, emotional and spiritual.

The concrete proof is the experience.

Sonia Alexandra LMT ©

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