What is going on with smart women out there lately? I routinely answer blogs, questions, and see clients on many topics relating to low self esteem, and negative self images. Since my book; "Through the Door!": A Journey to the Self, came out, there has been quite an increase in this line of questioning.

Lately, however, a pattern is emerging that I cannot ignore. I am receiving higher than average pleas for help from women who are on their way to getting their master's degree, or have completed it,and yet they are telling me that they feel Stupid,worthless,afraid to speak their truth, unlovable, and so on and so on!

Now I know, and I write about how self images work on you to make you feel less of yourself, in spite of the evidence to the contrary, however, these wonderful women, whose intelligence is above question, are not able to access their faculty of reason which would refute the absurd claims of self images that whisper disparaging mantras that in the end tear the women apart.

I refuse to let stand by without doing something about it.


I am starting another book for you women who, in spite of your obvious intelligence, feel stupid, unworthy,...you get the picture.

I am asking you women to send me your 'story'. Let me know how you feel, and tell me a little bit about your upbringing. Let me tell the story (abridged of course)and offer some insights into what it means, and what can be done to take these low self esteem and negative self images and put them aside so that you can enjoy your accomplishments, and take them to new and greater heights.

Let's get you to fall in love with who you really are, and not who you think you are.

To send in your story, go to My Self Esteem Story Of course not all stories will get in, but your truths will help shape a book for all women.

Author's Bio: 

Phil L. Méthot is a Montreal area, writer, motivator, and consultant. His book "Through the Door!" :A Journey to the self has helped many understand and win the battle over negative self-images and poor self esteem. His website in Methotology.com