The time has rapidly approached us when we can no longer expect that the Earth changes may not effect the area you live in. The time has come for us to choose how we will respond and act as spiritual masters.

Recently, a trusted friend and spiritual teacher sent several predictions regarding the Earth changes ahead for the Bay Area, where I live, and the entire West Coast. These predictions were from sources I respect and trust, so I took them to heart. My first response was to panic, and yes, to freak out. I watched myself become increasingly alarmed and terrorized by my own thoughts as I tried to sleep that night. My heart began to pound rapidly and I was unable stop my mind from racing for a few hours.

What was I going to do, I asked myself? How was I going to survive any of these changes if indeed they really did occur? Did I want to survive in a world where I was being asked to ‘live off the land’ or live in an underground shelter so that I could be here to rebuild a better to place to live? Did I want to live as our foremothers and fathers and really be a pioneer, or did I prefer to leave and transition off this planet as so many people are now doing? These questions are not unwarranted given the magnitude of the Earth changes we still may expect. The big ‘O’ of mama Earth seems to be just around the corner. And according to these particular predictions it will be one heck of a full body orgasm. So given these possibilities the choices offered to me did not seem so appealing.

So after my initial meltdown I began to ask myself, “What if we, the new entourage of self made masters, did not have to accept these dire predictions as our reality. What if we had a choice and a way, a method by which we could shift the outcome of these predictions and, if not prevent them entirely, at least diminish their effects. What if my knowing about these predictions wasn’t about getting out of Dodge, but rather about stepping more into my role as a leader and master?" Once again, the call to mastery was being sounded. But was I was ready to respond to it?

When I looked again at what my choices might be, I asked myself, “Have I really come all this way, worked all these years on clearing and healing myself just so that I could end up on some mountaintop trying to survive?” Did I foresee my future as being one filled with the rebuilding of an entire nation stone by stone, and having to struggle to survive so that I might feed, clothe and provide shelter for myself? Was the promised land of the Golden Age we have been longing for and which we are now ushering in, to begin like this? Did the transition into this world have to look like that or could it be different? The answer was a resounding no! It didn’t have to look like this and yes it could be different. This certainly wasn’t what I envisioned for my future, to spend years of cleaning up the mess made by all the earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. And I certainly did not wish to have the entire West Coast drop off into the ocean. (This is one of those predictions that has been around for a very long time).

So I began to wonder what if I could find a way that might really make a huge difference in how this whole scenario might play out. What if there was another way to shift this outcome so that it was less drastic and bleak. I don’t know about you, but I would rather there be a less violent and destructive way to make the changes that are needed. I figured if I am feeling this way then I am sure there are others who are as well. There must be other people like myself who are also hearing this call and are willing to step up into the next level of mastery and leadership and respond to this call. .

As a reader of the Akashic Records, I have the ability to go into my own Records and ask the Keepers of the Records about anything that I desire to know more about. So I went into my own Akashic Records and confirmed that these ideas that I was having were indeed my call into leadership.

The Keepers of the Records said, “Now is not the time to become idle or to indulge yourself in self pleasuring. Now is the time to wake-up to the call of the Masters, for they are calling to you through your intuition and through your desire to take action. The time for each of you is coming to take up the gauntlet of leadership that is being given to you. When you feel fear or doubt, call in your I AM presence and anchor yourself in your mastery, courage, confidence and wisdom, and take the action you feel called to do.”

As most of you know there is a reason for everything and there can even be a‘silver lining’ in the most dire of circumstances. For me, receiving that email stimulated my soul’s call to take action not to panic. I am therefore in the process of connecting with some people who have very large teleconferencing networks around the world and asking if they will join me in creating a worldwide call of intention that will shift the outcome of any of the Earth changes from dire to mild or not at all. I know that it is through our intention and where we put our attention that we can bring about the results we desire in any situation. And it was not long after I received that first email, that I also received a wonderful email from Patricia Cota Robles who must have been reading my mind, as she has sent out a prayer of Violet Flame invocations to use to eliminate and/or reduce the effect of any earth changes as well as to raise the human experience into our divine nature.

So I invite you, if you feel a call to action, to assist me in producing this call in any way that you feel you can or by joining me on it. If there is anyone who has contacts with CGI and Ken Wilbur or Lynn McTaggert’s Intention Experiment, or who have any other connections or ideas that can assist in creating this event, as soon as possible, then please contact me. at:

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Luminessa Enjara writes for the, E-zine Articles and her own blogs. She is the founder of the School of Womyn's Mysteries, a mystery school that explores the power and mystery of a woman's body. She is also a gifted Akashic Record reader/consultant, a Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach and offers consultations by phone as well as on-going support programs. Luminessa is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, a teacher and an amazing guide for self-awareness and transformation.