PHP is unarguably the best framework for developing dynamic websites and web applications. Whether you want to develop a website that helps you to reach out to a larger number of people, or you want a web application that simplifies your business processes, you need the right web developers who can help you build the website of your dreams. If you have decided to build a website using PHP, you need to find a reputed PHP website development company that has the ability to build effective websites and apps using different PHP framework tools and technologies.

If you want to get the website or web app developed at a low cost, you will need to hire a PHP website developer from an offshore company. Most offshore web development companies are located in India, China, Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia. They charge almost 50% less than what companies in developed countries do.

They can make a profit even when they charge so little as the PHP website developers and other workers in these countries work for a lot less than their counterparts in developed countries. Thus, you can get the services of a high-end PHP website development company if you opt for offshore web development. And you don’t have to pay through your nose. But offshore web development can get tricky. If you end up choosing an unreliable company, you may lose time and money on the project. So, it pays to know how these companies work before you contact them to hire a PHP developer.

How Offshore PHP Website Development Works

Most offshore companies cater almost exclusively to clients in US, UK, Europe or Middle East. You (or any other businesses) get in touch with such a company and discuss your requirements. The company will give you a quote: it will tell you how much it would cost to develop the website or web app you want. If you choose a fixed cost model, you simply need to state your requirements, pay the decided amount and get the solutions at the end of the specified period.

But, in case you are not really sure about what you want or how long it would take to complete your project, you can hire dedicated PHP developers from offshore companies. You can interview several candidates from the company and select the ones you like. Once you have hired the developers, you can communicate with them directly, assign daily tasks, and seek work reports. Thus, the developers function as an extension of your own team. Also, a reputed PHP website development company will be happy to offer you a customized model for hiring the PHP website developers.

PHP Development Services and Technologies

Apart from PHP web development and application development, most reputed companies will also offer PHP MySQL development, ecommerce development and open source customization services. It is best to choose web development companies that also offer custom website design services in addition to the services mentioned above. Above all, it is best to go for a PHP website development company that has already developed hundreds of websites and web application using different PHP tools and technologies.

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