Everyone knows or is at least familiar with health and safety training at work, but not everyone is familiar with e-learning about health and safety. What is this and how does it differ from conventional training? Essentially, the training provided in these two packages is the same, but the way you learn about them. When staff receive these training opportunities, it is up to the staff to make sure they take the training seriously.

E-learning on health and safety will pose some challenges for staff, as the process does not involve an instructor and much of the work is done on the candidates' own time. E-learning courses generally involve learning about the importance of health and safety at work, reporting incidents, recognizing hazards in the workplace, the use of display units, and fire safety. Typically each of these is taught in a regular training course, however, more emphasis is given to legal regulations.

Overall, e-learning on health and safety enables much more interactive training that allows people to have an engaging approach to health and safety. Staff can use their own experiences in the work environment through possible scenarios, solutions and predictable situations. However, employers and trainers can track the progress of staff learning, giving them control to assess their understanding of the topic and keep up with the amount of course content that has been completed.

Monitoring staff progress in health and safety training will keep the company covered in terms of showing that you took reasonable steps to train staff and keep them prepared. This will save you more money from possible fines, etc. Businesses can lose millions of pounds for simple problems like illness, damage and personal injury. From a business point of view, it's best to stay on top of training and make sure you train every staff member.

The advantages of e-learning are that the training is consistent and constantly available where staff can consult any point they need. Additionally, this is a cost-effective approach to training staff, delivery is communicated in an engaging way, and can be delivered to a much broader audience. https://www.abertaytraining.co.uk/

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