Cavachons are adorable dogs, which are most kid-friendly and dependable family pets, affectionate and very gentle, you'll also agree with thousands of people who are enamored with the charming Cavachon once you have one!

Isn't it great to have a stunning small dog that is hypoallergenic and sheds very little to none? A little dog with a sporty and entertaining nature as well as a mellow and laid-back demeanor.

What Kind of Pet is The Cavachon?

It is a designer breed, meaning it is a cross of two different dog breeds that was intended to promote the finest qualities of both breeds. Individual temperaments vary, but this is true of all dogs, including purebreds.

The majority of Cavachon owners have described their dog's attitude as "happy" and "cheerful." In terms of health, Cavapoos and Cavapoochons, there can be some health issues, such as :

a. Patellar luxation

b. Atopic dermatitis

c. Heart Murmurs

d. Cataracts

e. Mitral Valve disease

Benefits of Owning A Cavachon

Hypoallergenic : Although no dog breed is hypoallergenic, and all dogs create allergies. Cavachons are the closest thing to a hypoallergenic dog breed. They don't shed much, so you won't find tufts of hair in your house.

Outgoing and Friendly : Cavapoos and Cavapoochons are usually quite friendly and extroverted. They'll want to talk to everyone they come across. They consider all canines to be their pals, and humans make excellent cuddling companions.

Small and Versatile: Small dog breeds, such as the Cavapoos and Cavapoochons, are known for their adaptability. They don't need a lot of room to walk around, and they won't need a large ranch to burn off their excess energy.

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