As with any major mean of funding there are a number of pros and cons related to various other sources of funding. As a matter of fact, some of the prominent pros and cons of government grants for business are as follows:

The Primary Pros of Grants

No Need to Pay Back- The fact is that different from various other sources of financing, grants actually require no repayment of the rewarded amount. In short, if your business is given a government grant, then it is assumed that your project is enhancing society. Of course, taxes from a successful business and job opportunities for the community are payment enough in the government's eyes.

Oversight- If an individual who is going to give you funds, possibilities are that they will occasionally "remotely" or in person supervise the business from time to time, actually just to see if things are going accurately. I would say that although this is also involved in the cons section, oversight may not be a bad thing. If you are walking on the right track, it helps if someone is watching over you to alert you to mistakes. No matter whether this is a pro or con actually depends completely on management's feelings and attitudes. There are a few who may like the grantor to look over their backs while others may resent it.

The Commonly known Cons of these funding Opportunities

Time-Consuming- Grants take some extra time to be processed and evaluated. Business entrepreneurs might have to wait several months at the least before they receive funding. In fact, sometimes funding might take up to a year. If you really need funding fast, may be some short-term loans or other financing alternatives will be better suited for your business.

Not Easy to Obtain- To be very honest, most of the lines of debt and equity financing will only assess the viability and projected income of the business, actually. However, it is also true that because grants require no repayment, these funding opportunities have additional requirements. Your business must assist the community or society in usual and meet strict requirements of the grantor. And, of course, if grants are not a fit for your business, it is wise to look for other sources of financing.

Oversight- Though it actually depends on the terms, but debt financing has less oversight than equity and grant financing. Well, equity financing leads to a team of those shareholders that hold management accountable. Grantors have stringent/strict requirements that have to be adhered to throughout the course of the grant term. And the most important thing is that the debt financing may be several requirements such as asset to liability ratios but debt financiers are generally content as long as the business of an individual is repaying them the agreed upon amount at the agreed upon time.

Although, on a final note, it seems that the cons outnumber the pros section of the grants, the fact that government grants for business don't require repayment far outweighs the cons; i.e., if you are actually willing to accept some of the requirements that the government wants you to meet.

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