Advertising through the use of classifieds is an effective way for individuals to garner sales for products and services in a forum that is, oftentimes, free of charge. This text-only mode of advertising uses short phrases and abbreviations to convey the main points about the purpose of the ads. Classifieds can be used to sell or purchase items, rent homes, solicit or seek services (i.e. cleaning, maintenance, babysitting) and even search for friendship or romantic connections.

 Outline the main points you want to put in your classified advertisement. Most free classifieds have strict word limits, so it is important to plan ahead to prevent leaving out any crucial information (i.e. prices, model names and numbers, contact information).

 Consider the subject of your ad and who the intended audience should be when choosing in which type of classified forum the ad will be most effective. Many local newspapers have space reserved for free classified ads, as well as some national magazines. Bulletin boards around your community can also be a great forum for posting a classified ad that is seeking to reach people within your specific town or city. The Internet, especially websites such as Craigslist or a site that is specific to your posting subject, will allow the person posting to reach a much wider audience. Ecommerce Guide also recommends sites such as 89classifieds, both of which are free, but the ads can be upgraded at a cost, if you want a "deluxe" ad with more-prominent placement on the site.

 Abbreviate and use acronyms when possible to maximize the amount of pertinent information you can fit into your ads. The classifieds lingo can be tricky at first, but most people who frequent the classifieds section understand the common abbreviations and terms. Even with the use of shortened words, classifieds are a very small space to express you, so it is crucial to be clear and concise.

 Post a picture to generate more interest and help illustrate your ad, if the forum allows for photographs. Most print classified sections are strictly text, but the Internet allows you more space to write in detail and include pictures, when appropriate.

 Be cautious with any personal information that you are divulging in free classified advertisements, such as address, phone number or email address. Because this is not a controlled environment, anyone can access this information. Consider creating an email address used just for your classified ads; this will help protect you and make it easier to keep your responses separate and organized from your regular email.

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