A good rolling paper is the one that is made up of natural elements and is devoid any chemicals whatsoever. This ensures you get the kick that you expect with each puff, and of course, the cloud. It lingers your smoking sessions by burning too slow. Hence, in short, it will only take your experience to an altogether new height.

Let us on this page, discuss the different kinds of rolling papers that an avid smoker might be fond of.

There are various types of papers available in the market. Some are made up of wood, some from rice, hemp or a variety of other fibres. Depending upon the materials they are made up of, the taste, the smoking speed or rate of burn out of the papers, rolling skills and a plethora of factors vary to a large extent.

To be frank, a good quality rolling paper can go all the way to improve the quality of the joint, as well as the overall smoking experience. However, all said and done, no rolling paper no matter how fine it might be, will be able to substitute the skill and acumen, which is needed for a well-made and well-rolled joint. It may take years to master the skill of crafting an impeccable roll-up.

Only avid smokers with years of experience will be able to craft out a perfect joint. Then again, the quality of the joint to a great extent depends upon the quality of rolling papers. Despite the boom of the vaporisers, still, these classic rolling papers enjoy a special status in the world of smokers.

The Traditional Varieties

The traditional rolling papers are prepared from wood pulp. These are the most health-conscious variety and the best rolling papers that have made its way in the market. Then there are the other rolling papers, which are made up of rice and hemp, and even the transparent cellulose variety of rolling papers, which are manufactured to satisfy the smoking urge of the health-conscious smokers.

Each of these varieties has its unique characteristics and specialities that appeal to different sects of smokers. For instance, the taste and the thickness, the burning speed and the amount of cloud are some of the determinant factors, that people emphasise on.

White or Brown?

Cigarette rolling papers come with different porosity, which controls the ventilation as well a the burning rate. Besides, they can come up with some additional substances, which slow down the burning rate and stabilise the rolling paper itself, and the smoke and ash it generates.

White rolling papers generally come up with a chemical aspect, because of the chemical presence of calcium carbonate or choline. Both these chemicals help the paper to slow the burndown.

Flavoured and coloured rolling papers also contain chemicals as well as natural substances, which poses health issues when inhaled. That is why it is always a better option to opt for those papers that come without any chemical treatments.

The best option perhaps is opting for the classic wood pulp papers and the rice papers…for their purity.

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