When your child’s school teacher calls you, likelihoods Malaysian parents are worried about their child’s behaviour or unsettled home works before you’ve even heard everything he/she has to say. But, how often do we ask and clarify on the trouble our children be facing all these while?

It is understandable that Malaysian parents from big cities like such as Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru & Penang, are trying their best to juggle their work-life balance in order to earn money and satisfy their children’s need. In the worst-case scenario, parents who are working abroad in neighbouring countries like Singapore and Thailand will only be able to monitor the children’s academic performance virtually.

Here is why Malaysian parents can find for the assistance of a private home tutor that would guide through their children’s school work and additional tutorial sessions, which includes learning new languages, such as Mandarin, Arab, French, and Spanish. Perhaps, families from cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru need not worry about the availability of private home tutors as Malaysia is one of the countries blessed with bunches of educated and knowledgeable tutors.

2 BIG Tips in choosing a private home tutor in Malaysia
Do your extended research and get great recommendations of private home tutor

Firstly, begin your search by asking your children’s class teacher, principal, parents of his/her school friends, or others within the school community. Some school districts have a record of private home tutors and are willing to give recommendations. Secondly, go for Malaysian search engines on the net.

For instance, if your child is keen to learn English or Mandarin in Kuala Lumpur, you will get a variety of choices in picking the best tutor according to the quality and preference. Kuala Lumpur might be a small town in Malaysia, but it’s the capital city and flooded with plenty of language private home tutors who might give you outstanding outcomes.

Furthermore, keywords such as IGCSE, SPM, and PT3 will give suggest you the best tutors to look for as the tutors will be more based on the important examinations to sit for in Malaysia. In case if you’re out of big cities in Malaysia, for example; Pasir Gudang, Taiping, and Butterworth, you can check advertisements in your local parenting magazine, social clubs, newspaper, or library.
This is because they may offer free tutoring sessions to give you a wide idea of ensuring if your child understands the educational theory, instructional strategies, and calculations with remedial approaches. For subjects like SPM Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, and Physics, the method and strategy of tutoring appear vital compared to the theory that has been explained by the private tutor. If the child fails to grasp the techniques and formulas, you may opt for a different private home tutor in Malaysia.

Consider your priorities and collaborate your child’s goals and record

No one tutor fits every student when it comes to tutoring. It relies on your child’s needs, setting, convenience, and cost in Malaysia. Some people choose tuition centres over home tuition. Still, others opt for an online service. Everything has its benefits. However, private home tutoring might be more effective than a tuition centre in Malaysia in terms of safety and convenience.

Meantime in the top cities like Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Johor Bahru, we’ve been flooded with kidnap cases of children roaming around after school hours. Parents who are working do not have to worry about their child’s safety when it comes to home tuition as the selection of a private home tutor is solely based on their preference and confidence.

Also, when deciding a setting in either a small crowd or personalized instruction, parents can determine which the best fit is for your child.
If you prefer a group setting, find out the maximum number of students per class and arrange for the venue. For subjects like SPM/IGCSE Mathematics and Additional Mathematics, your private tutors would suggest you have a one-to-one session as the child may need a more practical and method oriented learning. Meantime, language classes like Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, and English can be held in a group-based to enhance the communication between students.

Parents can also ask the other student’s parents to monitor their child while staying far away. But remember, a convenient location is vital in Malaysia as tutoring sessions should be based on the quality and not purely quantity and affordability. Besides, private tutors in Malaysia are aware of what the goals should be, but parents know their child best and should be concerned in the goal-setting process. It’s excellent if the private home tutor and school teacher work toward a mutual goal and communicate regularly to strengthen each other’s methods.

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