Any security and safety conscious property owner would want to install an automatic electronic swing and sliding gates for their property. The advantage of installing electric swing gates is the minimal needs of human contact while operating this facility. There are a few codes and operation techniques that you have to learn to use automated gates. These sliding gates are attached with a wireless or remote control system. 

However, installing these twofold electronic gates will be easy, but what you have to make sure a regular servicing and maintenance forits performance and functioning is required for maximising its efficiency.

Let's look at a few tips and on how to use sliding electronic gates for the longest time with indulging in some basic preventive measurements:

  • Check the access control of the gates:

This virtual wireless mechanism controls its access with Pin codes or remote control The remote control system in the gate is connected with push buttons, fire exit command, security open commands to restrict the entrance of unauthorised people or visitor in your premises. Every time you ask for a servicing for your electric sliding gates, implement this access control and check if these commands are properly working.

  • The hardware of the electric swing gates:

The hardware parts of electric swing gates include gate tracks, gear rack, wheels, hinges, lock and fixing systemisation. It is recommended that in every 6 months interval, using lubricating oil in tear and wear of hardware.This frequent maintenance of hardware in a swing gates goes a long way. Also, ask professional service to come and inspect the chains, screws ad bolt of the sliding gates to maximise its security capacity.

  • Always keep a check on back up battery:

How do you operate your gate when there is a power cut in your area? You should make arrangements for back up battery in case anything accidental occurs with the electric channelling of the gates. Having aspare battery will save you from a lot of troubles coming in your way.

  • Run a safety check:

Hiring a safety check inspection for the sliding electric gates is extremely useful. In a servicing or comprehensive safety checks, few aspects of servicing are included. For example, checking the motors, internal tools and mechanism, wiring or wireless control, loop detectors, open-close stop settings, electronic input and output.

These operations and mechanism are preventive from any unwanted threats regarding electronic gates. 

  • Check for corrosion and debris build up underneath the electric sliding gates:

Often it has been observed that electronics sliding gates build up debris and dirt that obstruct the proper functioning of the gates.

Why do you need servicing for electronic gates?

Next time, when you ask yourself why you need to hire a servicing and maintenance service in interval every 6 to 10 months, you will be able to answer yourself. Preventives measures are way better than replacing the electric gates now and then. According to professional repairing and servicing team, with proper maintenance, an electric swing gates’ longevity can be increased up to 10 years and even more than that.

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According to the author, it is possible to maintain electronic swing gates and sliding doors with few easy tips and repairing for easier and swift control access.