When it comes to using eyelash extensions, the first and foremost thought that should cross your mind is, What type of extension should I use?” 

Well, there are a wide variety of eyelash extensions available in the market. Of them, some are synthetic, and the others are natural hairs that are made from various sources. 

The synthetic variety is considered the lowest category of eyelashes, which are manufactured from recycled rubber. These synthetic lashes look far from natural, with a shine and are pretty heavy, thereby not adding anything to the comfort quotient of the users. 

On the contrary, they will damage the natural eyelids, resulting in droopiness as well as wrinkles. However, there are higher grade synthetic materials, which are handmade and look comparatively more natural. 



Here are some of the natural sources from which high-quality eyelash extensions in Canberra are derived from. 

Human Hair: Eyelashes made from human lash hairs are the best in terms of quality and naturally, are the most sought after ones. These lashes provide a more natural feel and are far better in terms of comfort than their natural counterparts. Human hair lashes are generally hand made and can be reused multiple times. 

Mink Fur lashes: These are more expensive than those made from human hair. As the name suggests, this variety is handmade as well, and are derived from mink tail. They come with tips that taper naturally, just like any animal fur, and are identical to the natural shape of a human eyelash. These lashes give you a more feathery, natural and fluttery appearance and thus, feel extremely comfortable. 

Fox Fur Lashes: These lashes are made from fox fur and are hand made. They are extremely expensive and come up with a natural look and feel. They are very tender, giving the users a lot of comfort and easiness when they use them. 

Horse Hair lashes: Eyelash extensions that are made from horsehair are handmade as well, and are very expensive. This variety is extremely natural and softer as well a lighter than the mink hair eyelash extensions but has lesser sheen than the mink hair lashes. 

Going back to the mink hair eyelashes, you will find real mink lashes as well as fake mink lashes. And with the advent of new technologies, the fake lashes are nearly as perfect in look and feel like their original counterparts and hence can hardly be spotted. Thus, it is always a better option to apply eyelash extensions in Adelaide from reputed beauty parlours that will never fox you by using fake eyelashes. 

However, there’s no harm in knowing a few ways of differentiating between a fake and a real mink lash set. 


One way of differentiating between a fake and a real one is the price. While the originals are pretty expensive, the fake ones will come at a far less and more 'pocket-friendly' price. 

Burn test 

If you conduct a burn test on the fake lashes, they will emit an artificial plastic-like smell. However, the original ones will give you the odour of burnt hair. Besides, upon burning or heating, the original ones will curl up just like what happens to human hair when burnt or heated.

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