Owners of a new car or even those who buy an old car in Ontario are mandated by laws to also purchase auto insurance with their registered vehicle from a private insurer. When the owner of a vehicle is caught driving without car insurance, he/she can be fined up to USD 5,000 and also is deemed to have committed a serious offense which gets noted in the public records.

Thus, it’s most feasible to purchase an ideal Ontario car insurance as it also provides coverage to the car, the driver & the passengers, and any pedestrians or property involved in the accident.

The Mandatorily Required Coverage for Car Insurance in Ontario:

There are a few adamant requirements when purchasing auto insurance in Ontario and the following liability coverage should be indisputably covered in the policy:

  • Third-Party Liability Coverage

In an accident that you are a part of, it provides coverage for damage to property or to the killed/ injured person(s).

  • Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage

In an accident caused by your fault, it provides you coverage towards your treatment if any injuries have occurred.

  • Direct Compensation and Property Damage Coverage

In an accident caused by the fault of another person/driver, this coverage pays for any damage incurred to your vehicle and for the possessions inside your vehicle.

  • Uninsured Automobile Coverage

This coverage provides you in a scenario of an accident where the uninsured driver flees the scene or injures you or any of the passengers within your car.

Factors that determine the Cost of Car Insurance

There are various factors & aspects that contribute to the cost of auto insurance in Ontario:

  • Car & Usage

The kind of car you drive and however much you drive it is the primary driving force while ascertaining the rate of auto insurance. A sporty car will be reckless and thus might end up demanding claim in an accident whereas even an economical car being used too often without maintenance will also demand nearly equally. Therefore proper maintenance of your car and the type of car you choose is essential to factor the rates of car insurance.

  • Driving History

If you have maintained a clean driving record bereft of speeding tickets and such or have experience of several hundred hours of driving behind the wheel then these both factors will earn you a discount.

  • Age & Gender

Those drivers who are either new or inexperienced will have to pay more for their auto insurance as the risk of insuring them is higher as it is with insuring a younger male under 25 compared to a girl under 25 who is statistically less likely to make claims or be involved in accidents.

  • Location & Winter Tyres

The location of your residence plays a significant role in determining the cost of your vehicle’s auto insurance since residents of urban areas are more prone to theft and vandalism than those people who live in rural or remote areas where the traffic congestion is also less.

Where to Find Car Insurance Quote Ontario?

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